Last week, my wife dropped her iPhone. She was upstairs, and I was downstairs when I heard the phone hit the floor. This was not your ordinary phone drop; this was the phone’s life-ending “thud!” I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to replace her phone, and it was because of one easy change: flexible pricing. That’s the

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We received notification from one of our content partners, alerting us of their decision to discontinue distribution of twice-weekly content from Consumer Reports. For you, that means the Consumer Reports content that is linked to your Printer@Work email newsletter will be phased out. Here are some dates for you to be aware of: The last Consumer Reports content that will be published to

We’d like to bring you with us to Print ’17 this year! After all, we’re already offering you a free hotel room while you’re there! Bringing you with us might not be as glamorous as it sounds, but you can still come away with some big wins by participating in these two easy-to-win contests! Contest 1: Be Featured on Our

Rackspace, our email technology partner, has been working through a disruption in service since yesterday morning (July 13th, 2017) making it a tough couple of days for a lot of you, and for us, too. Email is like oxygen these days, and we want you to know that we are right here with you in this and are feeling the

We’ll be traveling to Chicago this September to take part in the Print 17 conference, and we want you with us! If you’ve never had the opportunity to attend “the largest gathering of print and graphic communications buyers, decision makers and suppliers in North America,” here’s your chance! The Print 17 Conference is coming this September 10-14th, 2017, to McCormick

Each week we present two webinars to talk about Odyssey, the new Print MIS from Marketing Ideas For Printers. Last week’s webinar was one of the best because Cindy Heitman and Don Jones joined me. (That means you don’t have to listen to me drone on and on!) Cindy and Don both have a unique perspective on Odyssey, and you’ll find it

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For those discovering Odyssey (our new Print MIS) and learning about Marketing Ideas For Printers for the very first time, it’s not surprising to have questions like this: How do I know Marketing Ideas For Printers will be around for the long haul? How can I be assured that Odyssey will be viable in the future if I choose Odyssey as

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Fluidity. It’s our business. After all, how useful would it be to use yesterday’s technology and service experience for tomorrow’s needs? It’s in that spirit we wish to share six recent feature updates we’ve made to the websites from Marketing Ideas For Printers. With these updates, you can now: Complete/Re-open Individual Jobs Create Custom Send-A-File Questions Place Entire Order Level

What happens when you pour water into a cup? It takes the shape of a cup. Into a fishbowl? It takes the form of the fishbowl. You see the pattern here; water always takes the shape of the container it’s poured into. The water responds to the container; the water is responsive. It’s the same thing with website content: Website content

We are looking forward to beginning a new year with not just one, but two new looks! Our Coffee Break and FastStart direct-mail packages have undergone a makeover, and both have fresh new contemporary looks. You have come to rely on our Dingbat/Coffee Break package to deliver humor and unveil interesting dates in history ever since 1989. Along with that,

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