A Big-Picture Overview of Odyssey Print MIS (Webinar Recording)

Each week we present two webinars to talk about Odyssey, the new Print MIS from Marketing Ideas For Printers. Last week’s webinar was one of the best because Cindy Heitman and Don Jones joined me. (That means you don’t have to listen to me drone on and on!)

Cindy and Don both have a unique perspective on Odyssey, and you’ll find it helpful to learn more about Odyssey from a different viewpoint. Cindy is on our sales team and helps printers see the benefits Odyssey offers. Don is Odyssey’s lead developer and shares his excitement of Odyssey from the perspective of all the technical details that make it work.

A New Print MIS: The Odyssey Live Event Web Meeting

Enough of my words, let’s get you watching and listening. Here’s a recording of the Thursday, March 16, 2017, Odyssey webinar:

Table of Contents

Miss a spot? Here’s a convenient table of contents for you to get to the exact right place, along with links to pages referenced in the webinar:
0:45 – Book: The Influence of “Hooked” on Odyssey (Blog post: http://on.mi4p.com/hooked-blog)
3:55 – Odyssey from Cindy’s Perspective
8:53 – Meet Don Jones (Blog post: http://on.mi4p.com/meet-don-jones)
9:22 – Odyssey from Don’s Perspective
12:40 – Demo of Odyssey
13:48 – Odyssey in 5 Minutes or Less – Self-Serve Order
16:24 – Legacy Orders: Guided Order
20:01 – Legacy Orders: Estimate
25:58 – Search for Anything in Odyssey
27:18 – Production Tasks map to Order Forms
28:44 – Custom Calculations
29:58 – An Unfair Amount of Attention (Blog post: http://on.mi4p.com/unfair-attention)
30:50 – Odyssey’s Marketing Component
34:25 – Accounting in Odyssey
35:02 – Scheduling Tasks in Odyssey

Eleven Spots Remain

We’re very intentional about limiting the initial launch of Odyssey because we want our first Odyssey customers to get an unfair amount of attention. At the time we presented the webinar, twelve spots remained. Now, eleven spots remain, so if you’re ready to join Odyssey, now is the time.

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