Experience A Performance Evolution

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Fluidity. It’s our business. After all, how useful would it be to use yesterday’s technology and service experience for tomorrow’s needs? It’s in that spirit we wish to share six recent feature updates we’ve made to the websites from Marketing Ideas For Printers. With these updates, you can now:

  • Complete/Re-open Individual Jobs
  • Create Custom Send-A-File Questions
  • Place Entire Order Level Tracking Numbers
  • Edit Help Center FAQs
  • Submit Partial Orders
  • Use Product Category External Links

To dig into the details of these features, it may be a bit of heavy reading if you don’t already have a website with us. But, if you’re interested in learning what we’ve been up to, keep reading.

1. Complete/Re-open Individual Jobs

With this feature, your customers won’t have to wonder where their orders are. You have complete control over your workflow and can communicate on the fly to let your customers know exactly where in the production process their orders are. Once an order has been marked as completed, your customers can even place a quick and convenient re-order for that job. Need to make an update after a job has been closed? We’ve got your covered! Just re-open the job ticket and you’ll be able to make any changes right then and there even after the order has been completed.

You may be thinking, “Wait, hasn’t that always been available?” Sort of. This new feature has been expanded to allow for completing/re-opening individual jobs within an order. Everything with the original feature still applies, but the distinction to be made here is that you can now complete/re-open individual jobs if one or more of the individual jobs are ready or complete, but the entire order is not.

2. Create Custom Send-A-File Questions

To get all of the information you need regarding a customer’s file sent to your website, sometimes it’s as simple as just asking the right questions. With the ability to add custom Send-A-File questions on your website like “Name of Person You’re Working With?” or “Existing Order Number?”, you can be sure you have all of the information regarding your customer’s order right from the start.

3. Place Entire Order Level Tracking Numbers

Job tracking numbers have always been available for you, however, the ability to apply a tracking order to an entire order was not. Now, we’ve added a new field that can be viewed in any order. Just look in the top section of the order under the “Shipping Method” section. An order-level tracking number can be entered and saved, and it will be displayed with the order details when either you or your customers view them.

4. Edit Help Center FAQs

The ability to update the FAQ section of your website is now available! We’ve laid the groundwork for you by including a fully editable FAQ section that will help put your customers’ minds at ease. Use our finely polished copy just as it is to get you up and running quickly, or add your own touches to customize those questions to your shop and make the Frequently Asked Questions your own!

Websites, Features, Updates, Marketing Ideas For Printers,Experience A Performance Evolution

5. Submit Partial Orders

Your customers will enjoy the benefit of saved shopping cart items where they can submit all or only some of their items for checkout. This proves invaluable to those customers who need to start an order with multiple items but may not be ready to submit all of their jobs at once. With this new partial order feature, your customers can submit just those products that they are ready to order and leave any items that they are still working on in their shopping cart to order at a later date.

6. Use Product Category External Links

Are you working with multiple vendors to provide products to your customers? We’ve made it quick and easy to link to third party vendors directly from your product listings for a seamless user experience! Our product categories now include the ability to add custom URLs to enable you to integrate navigation fully to other vendors’ websites seamlessly.

Have a feature request of your own? Let us know! Whether through a complete product offering like Odyssey or feature requests on your current website, we are committed to ensuring a great user experience for you and your customers.

Don’t have a website with us? Try one of our demo websites free and experience these updates for yourself. Contact us at (701) 241-9204 or (800) 736-0688, or click below to get started.