Are you going to be at Print 17? Great! We are, too, and we’d love to meet you there! We’ll be at the show in Booth 351, so stop by and say “Hi!” In our booth: A New Print MIS, DesignEdit 2, and John Henry. Get on the Calendar Better yet, if you’d like to reserve some uninterrupted talk-time, here’s a direct link to the

We’re now on the tail end of a rather nasty email service disruption. Here’s a phrase I use sometimes: Email’s like oxygen these days, we just can’t live without it. You really don’t notice oxygen when it’s there, but if the oxygen gets sucked out of the room, you notice pretty quickly. It’s the same with email, right? You notice when

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Print 17 is coming soon and you need to be there! There are countless reasons why heading off to Chicago this September 10-14th for the Print 17 Conference is in your best interest. In fact, in a recent blog post, we skimmed the tip of the iceberg by listing 5 Reasons You Should Join Us at Print 17! But, even if you

We’ll be traveling to Chicago this September to take part in the Print 17 conference, and we want you with us! If you’ve never had the opportunity to attend “the largest gathering of print and graphic communications buyers, decision makers and suppliers in North America,” here’s your chance! The Print 17 Conference is coming this September 10-14th, 2017, to McCormick

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What do you get when you combine the words “creative” and “analytical”? You get “create-alitical,” and that’s the word Justin Carlson on our Customer Care Team uses to describe himself. Justin is our resident comedian. He’s the guy that ensures there’s at least one light-hearted moment at every company meeting. He is quick to listen, eager to help, and seems

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Something we hear a lot is, “Do I really need to care about SEO on my website? I mean, aren’t you guys already taking care of that for me?” To get you an honest answer to that question, let’s unpack that a little. We’ll show you what we do to help you get the best search engine optimization (SEO) results,

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A frequent question that comes up when printers explore moving to any cloud-based service is: What happens if my internet connection goes down? Our new Print MIS, Odyssey, is a cloud-based service, so it’s important to us that you get a clear answer to that question. If internet reliability is a concern in your area, then a cloud-based MIS service like Odyssey

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So much of success as a business involves developing a close connection with your customers and community. This is especially true in smaller, local companies (like printers!). Sure, we should tell you that a well-designed piece of direct mail can do this (and it can), but nothing says “we care about you” quite like volunteering together as a company within

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Recently, a customer contacted us looking for help with customizing their direct mail content. They had experienced a series of weird hiccups while trying to open their Adobe InDesign file with no clear indication of what to do next. After some digging, we discovered that their version of Adobe InDesign was outdated and had been corrupted. Thankfully, they subscribed to

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We’ve all been there. You hear about a fantastic new product on the radio or read about it in an article, and you decide you must get one for yourself. Within minutes, you’ve found a store online that sells that product, chosen the best shipping option for your needs, and even paid for it. Within days, it’s going to be

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