We are looking forward to beginning a new year with not just one, but two new looks! Our Coffee Break and FastStart direct-mail packages have undergone a makeover, and both have fresh new contemporary looks. You have come to rely on our Dingbat/Coffee Break package to deliver humor and unveil interesting dates in history ever since 1989. Along with that,

Proclaiming the many benefits of doing business with a local printer will be the theme of our new Direct Mail For Printers postcard offering. We are proud to announce the introduction of….wait for it…Local Edge! Hooray! Have you been waiting for an opportunity to showcase the benefits of keeping things local and working with a local printer, but just haven’t

We’ll soon be headed to Chicago for Graph Expo, and we’d like to show off your real-world Ink Inc. direct mail advertising pieces at our booth! We’re giving away up to fifteen $25 Starbucks or Amazon.com gift cards (your choice!) to Ink Inc. customers that send us samples of their Ink Inc. direct mail advertising as it’s being used in the real world. Here’s How to Get Your Gift

Graph Expo will be here before you know it … the show runs September 13-16, 2015, in Chicago’s McCormick Place Conference Center. We’ll be there in Booth 457, ready to visit with you. Plus, we can get you in the doors of McCormick Place for free! We have a limited number of free, exhibits-only passes for you (a $45 value), available until August 28,

Congratulations, you’ve started your new direct mail marketing campaign! You’ve faithfully sent out your newsletter for six months in a row. And…crickets. Nothing. You wonder…is it really even working? Self-doubt starts to kick in and you think: Is this campaign even worth it? Should I try to keep this campaign alive? The “Grass is Always Greener” Trap Each campaign you send needs to

Yesterday we launched MI4P.info for Ink Inc. customers! Everything went pretty much as we had planned. Except for one tiny detail. For a short period of time, Ink Inc. customers logging in at MI4P.info saw this:   And that request didn’t go over very well. The request was intended to be presented only to a subset of Websites For Printers customers. We got a

We recently announced the passwords are being removed from the Ink Inc. packages. Instead of using passwords, the Ink Inc. packages will be secured by placing them behind the login of your MI4P.info account. If you haven’t already done so, it’s now time to create your account! The following video (4:36) explains how Ink Inc. customers can create an account at MI4P.info:

Starting with the March 2015 Ink Inc packages (which will be released in mid-January), Ink Inc. customers will begin retrieving Adobe InDesign files (and related artwork files) in a brand new way! The learning curve is pretty tame on this change, so if you consider yourself an old dog and hate learning new tricks, there’s no reason to worry. In fact, you’ll probably

Predictable, recurring direct mail marketing campaigns continue to provide an excellent return on marketing dollars. For a limited time, Marketing Ideas For Printers Announces $2 ZIP Codes for Ink Inc. Subscriptions As an Ink Inc. customer you enjoy the benefit of knowing that noone else is allowed to mail the same direct mail marketing campaign into the ZIP codes or postal codes licensed for your

Sonny and Cher. Peanut butter and chocolate. Direct mail and websites. All of those pairs really work well together. Here’s one more to add to the list… ColorMatters postcards and Websites For Printers websites. Starting now, Marketing Ideas For Printers customers can promote a new landing page that not only talks about the benefits of color printing, but also includes a clear call

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