Are you struggling to ensure your marketing efforts are on track and optimized for success? Ineffective marketing strategies waste time and resources without yielding desired results. Imagine investing time and money into marketing efforts that fail to generate the desired outcomes. Frustrating, isn’t it? Without a clear understanding of your target market and a cohesive branding strategy, your printing company

Though it can be tempting to stay status quo with your email list for the sake of numbers, the truth is a smaller list of responsive email contacts is of higher quality and greater benefit to your print business. If your email list contains a large number of unresponsive contacts, it’s time to ask yourself why and what you can

What’s the big secret to getting print buyers to open your emails? Attention-grabbing headlines. Because your print buyers are busier than ever before, a lot of business emails end up going straight into the trash. But this doesn’t have to happen to you with strategic subject lines that can get your emails noticed and read. Emails that have a high

A sustainable marketing strategy is all about balance. Yes, we love (and are partial to) print, but it’s not the end-all, be-all if you’re genuinely focused on meeting your print buyers where they’re at. And where are they? Everywhere: print, online, social media, in-person, and in your email inbox. Did you know that 73% of businesses use email as their

Imposters online can make your life miserable. If you miss the signs and end up welcoming them into your connection circles, it can only mean one thing – bad news! Take a look at the questions below that you can use to help determine the truth from a lie. Social Media 1.) Is the profile picture featured a legitimate photo?

Did you know that your customers and prospects assume you’re an expert in marketing as a whole – print, digital, online, offline, and everything in between? That means, Your marketing expertise can’t stop at direct mail. When you embrace the benefits of email marketing, you’ll not only be helping your business personally, but you’ll be showing off your other marketing-ninja

If you’re struggling to get the word out that you’re ready, willing, and able to help others with their print marketing needs, here are some must-haves and must-dos to help drive traffic to your website using social media and email marketing. What to Post on Social Media Social media should be a melting pot of engaging content. A good rule

Adding email campaigns to your marketing toolkit is an excellent way to create connections and get your message out to the masses. To help you achieve the best results in your email marketing efforts, check out these 17 best email marketing practices: Perfect Your Proofing 1. Send it to Yourself Before you send an email to anyone in your audience,

Most companies, printers included, haven’t spent the time to define their sales process or the stages a prospect goes through before they buy. Even still, there are several more companies who have discrepancies in their sales process depending who you ask. Defining this process isn’t an easy exercise to go through, but it’s very necessary. And,  having it well-defined will

Email marketing isn’t easy. After all the time you’ve invested carefully crafting the perfect email, it’s important to make sure your message bypasses the digital black hole (a.k.a. the junk folder) and lands safely in the inbox of your customers and prospects. Here are some easy tips to get your email message on its way to spam-free status. It’s All

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