With the first half of the year behind us, it’s time to look toward the last few months of 2024 and make some solid marketing plans. While you may not be able to overhaul your entire marketing scheme, it is easy to add an already-designed, easy-to-produce newsletter or postcard to grab attention and get the word out about your company’s

The Cambridge Dictionary defines a dead-end as a road with no way out – or a situation without hope of forward progress. Your print business invests precious resources to drive people to your website. But are you “wasting” this inbound traffic without offering visitors an actionable next step? Like real-life dead-ends, website roadblocks are a joy killer. Dead-end pages or

Welcome back to another edition of “Sell More Printing,” where we consider sales and marketing strategies that can significantly boost your printing business. In this issue, we’re spotlighting how your Management Information System (MIS) can be so much more than just a management tool; your MIS can also be a key element of your sales and marketing framework. Keep reading

Summer is the ideal season to heat up your sales and make a splash in the printing industry! With longer days and an upbeat vibe, people are more likely to engage with creative promotions. Summer promotions create a sense of urgency, driving customers to snag deals before they’re gone, leading to more impulse buys and higher sales. Stand out from

While January has a certain fresh-start feeling, August is a close second. There’s a shift that happens as fall approaches. If you’ve felt that and wondered how to capitalize on it, consider the power of new marketing to reach your current and prospective customers. We specialize in fresh looks for your print shop, and we’d love to talk to you

Effective marketing creates and delivers value-based arguments for why people should buy your products. Successful marketing is the growth engine for your business – it’s what drives profits. To succeed in printing, you must attract prospects who buy from you, find satisfaction in your services, and become committed customers. But prospects won’t come if your message isn’t getting through. Does

Welcome back to another edition of Sell More Printing, where we explore real-world sales and marketing strategies that you, as a printer, can adapt to boost your business. This month, we’re diving into a topic sparked by a conversation with my daughter, Tessa, about an unusual traffic marvel – England’s 7-circle Magic Roundabout – and how its principles can revolutionize

Your print buyers expect top-quality products, rapid delivery, and personalized services. To stay ahead in the game, you must master the art of customer service. Standing out for exceptional customer service is easier than you might think. Here are some practical tips and strategies to help you excel! Know Your Print Buyers First and foremost, know your customer! Each of

Your print shop works hard to produce quality printed materials that your customers are proud to distribute to promote their businesses. It seems only right that you would also produce quality printed marketing materials to promote your own business. The direct-mail pieces we provide allow your print shop to let someone else (us!) handle the marketing while you focus on

Birchbox is a beauty subscription service that revolutionized the way consumers discover and experience cosmetic products. Launched in 2010, Birchbox introduced a unique concept of delivering monthly boxes with a selection of sample-sized beauty products to subscribers for a flat rate of $10. This approach eliminated the need for customers to invest in full-sized products, growing customer confidence in the

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