Twenty years ago, it was easy to figure out who your competition was. Why? Because your competition was another locally owned business just like you are. In almost every case, your competition was the printing firm located just down the street, or maybe it was a big commercial printer located over on the other side of town. Back then, it

Anyone who has ever said that printing can’t be fun has never met print owner Dennis Trump and his trusty sidekick, Manager and Marketing Director, Mikayla Lehman of Trump Direct in Decatur, Illinois. With their infectious energy and positive attitudes, these two seem to possess something that is so often hard to find: JOY. Through tumultuous and unforeseen challenges to

As the world continues to feel the climate of change, it reminds me of a story that Zig Ziglar used to tell that I’m sure you’re all familiar with. A man’s wife sent him to the store to buy a ham.  The man brings the ham home and his wife instantly notices and comments that he didn’t have the end

Direct mail marketing is truly one of the greatest marketing tools to grow any business. But, how do you get your print buyers to recognize that and buy more? Here are five tips to help you sell the importance and impact of direct mail to your print buyers. 1. Lead by Example. Just as clothing store associates wear the brand’s

It’s time to make your own marketing a priority! Here’s a look at the latest content available to you now. From ready-to-print direct mail content to automatically published website content, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for: more print sales! Business Forum Connect with your business clients on a monthly basis with the power of print! You can (and should)

The topsy-turvy chaos of the last year made many people finally understand the importance of making self-care a priority. From eating better to getting more exercise to finding connection in new ways, no longer will anyone bat an eye if you say you need to take a little time for yourself. But what about your business? Is your print business

For the past few months, we’ve been featuring printing companies that are stand-out marketers as part of our Marketing Ideas For Printers’ Print Marketing Expert of the Month series. But have you ever stopped to think what exactly it takes to be called a stand-out marketer? A lot of companies make the mistake of thinking that stand-out marketers are those that have the greatest

I have kind of an odd question for you: Who’s the biggest jerk in your sphere of influence right now? Does your mind immediately picture a recent bad-tempered customer or an unrelenting vendor? Or maybe it’s an employee, neighbor, or that “blast from your past” on social media? As I pondered this question myself recently, I came to an eye-opening

What’s the first step to selling more printing? Content. “Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue,” as Andrew Davis says. Below you’ll find exclusive content options to choose from to start building relationships and selling more printing today! Business Forum Did you know there’s a simple solution for how you can better step up your B2B

The day-to-day effort it takes to own and operate a print business can leave little time for anything else. But when the daily grind keeps you head-down and plugging away, time can pass by much more quickly than you realize. By the time you do get a chance to look up, you might be surprised that things you once thought

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