Have Instagram, Facebook, and social media become the new, “wish you were here” greeting for this generation? Washington Post travel journalist Mark Jenkins wrestled with this question and concluded the allure of the postcard is not just the image captured or the message shared, but a physical memento from a real, tangible place. Jenkins writes, Postcards (are) more personal than

While there are many powerful software suites available on the market today, few are as accomplished as Adobe InDesign. But with its large number of buttons and gadgets, this publishing software can be intimidating for novice designers. The June Ideas Collection tech tip, available on every website provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers, will walk your audience through six “best

So far in this series of crafting your perfect marketing message, you’ve learned about the who and the what in order to craft the messages your prospects need to hear. To recap: The “who” reveals the stories you should tell by knowing your audience. The “what” helps you craft an overall voice that ties directly into the prospect’s motivation to buy. Once

Fall means busy. School is in session, mid-term election information is everywhere, and it’s hard to compete for people’s limited attention. Luckily, the best tool to market yourself and get people to stop for even a moment and see what’s new is ready and waiting to be printed! In this Issue The September issue of the Business Forum direct mail

Direct mail is one of the most impactful ways you can market your business. As a printer, that advantage goes even further because you’re not just sending a marketing piece about what you do, you’re actually sending a sample of what you do! A Layered Explanation Direct mail marketing from Marketing Ideas For Printers delivers ready-to-print InDesign and PDF files

In part one of “3 Steps to Crafting A Marketing Message Your Ideal Buyers Will Love,” we talked about how your messaging is the core that will drive your entire business. You learned that the first step to great a message is the “Who.” To whom is your message directed at? If you haven’t created a buyer persona, you’ll want

Let’s be honest, sometimes entrepreneurs and small business owners just don’t know where to start with their print resources. They get their business cards, maybe a sign, some flyers and brochures and then they don’t know what else to do – or think they don’t really need anything else. The Tool You Need for Your Customers The Ultimate Print Guide

Recently, I was having a conversation with a fellow print shop owner, and the topic of customer service came up. I mentioned that I thought customer service was more important than it ever has been in my 30-year career in the printing industry. He disagreed. “As long as I deliver a quality product in a timely manner everything works out

Messaging is everything. It drives your entire business, should be crafted synonymously with your core values, and built around a clear, compelling reason why your prospects should want to do business with you. Yet, the majority of printers have no core messaging, and no relevant message strategy (other than to sell something somebody wants). So, how do you craft content

Take a quick break to see what’s coming in the latest issue the Printer’s Press direct mail newsletter! In this Issue In the August issue, you’ll find articles on: Summer painting tips A travel article about a steam threshers festival that takes visitors back in time The benefits of unplugging The top 10 most common reasons for doctor visits …and

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