Imposters online can make your life miserable. If you miss the signs and end up welcoming them into your connection circles, it can only mean one thing – bad news! Take a look at the questions below that you can use to help determine the truth from a lie. Social Media 1.) Is the profile picture featured a legitimate photo?

Ah… the welcomed days of summer. Summer days are meant for picnics and parks, not worrying about finding time to create your next direct mail marketing campaign. When you’d rather enjoy some fun in the sun, leave your content needs to the experts. Here’s what’s coming up in the August content issues, available for download now. Business Forum The Business

Innovation isn’t easy. In fact, it’s typically accompanied by some pretty heavy fear. That’s why innovation tends to be put off until “the busy season is over,” “we’re back on our feet,” or “things return to normal after COVID.” Sound a little too familiar? Sure, your knees might wobble when you think about stepping out of your comfort zone, but that idea you have floating around in your head…

Estimating a job correctly is essential to owning and operating a print business. Over-estimate, and you risk losing the sale because you’re too expensive. Under-estimate and your bottom line suffers. This is why making sure you hit the bullseye with your estimating is so important — because everyone wins! How can you ensure a “Goldilocks” estimate every time — one

Content acts as a welcome mat. People will go where they’re invited, and the same is true of your prospects and customers. Content extends the necessary invitation for print buyers to come and visit you.  Take a look at the content invitation available for your marketing toolkit now! Printer’s Press The Printer’s Press newsletter has been our most popular direct

Ecommerce is no longer a “wave of the future.” It’s a necessity. As part of that expectation, consumers are counting on your printing firm to be able to take credit card payments through your website and be trusted with the transaction details. Remember the pre-internet days of taking a credit card payment? You lugged that big slider thingy up onto

Let’s be honest. The COVID-19 pandemic has been rough. Everyone has had to learn the art of the pivot to stay relevant. But remember, there’s always a silver lining. Printers, just like you, have been forced to lift their heads up out of the day-to-day busyness of running a printing firm and instead, thoughtfully review things like their staffing capacity,

Pop quiz! Which of these two statements is true? Your print buyers prefer to do business with: A company they already trust and have a relationship with. A company they’ve never done business with. It seems like an easy enough question, right? But, then why is it that when businesses look to increase their sales, they focus on selling to

No matter which path is best for your business, the right solution is waiting for you in the all-new content available now! Don’t work harder; work smarter and let these powerhouse projects do the work for you. Take a look! National Direct Mail National Direct Mail is a great option for your national marketing campaigns. With no use restrictions, you

Direct mail marketing is not only an excellent choice for advertising your business (no matter what business you’re in), but it’s also a great way for you, as a printer, to showcase your quality handiwork! You’ve already seen print marketing work firsthand for countless other businesses that you’ve helped personally with their direct mail campaigns. It seems only natural that

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