Ready to add definition to your marketing this year? The new year is fast approaching, and with it, a whole host of new content from Marketing Ideas For Printers to help you sell more printing. Here’s what’s coming in the January content mix: Printer’s Press Small changes can make a big impact on your life and business. The January issue

Sales can be a little like parenting. There’s love, hate (ok, dislike), joy, pain, and the very real possibility that you’ll pour everything you have into it and things still won’t turn out how you had planned. But, as with everything, that doesn’t mean your best course of action is to throw in the towel, give up, and hope for

I’m a small business owner. I don’t have a million dollar budget. And I don’t have cherry conference tables either. I used to, though. When I worked in the corporate world, I was a Marketing Director for a multi-billion dollar international corporation. It was good, and the perks were even better. I had a fat expense account that was used

As fall fades to winter, we’re reminded that December is just around the corner. Hard to believe it’s almost the last year of the decade! It seems like only yesterday we were all in a kerfuffle about the pending Y2K. Well, time ticks on, and so does the content from Marketing Ideas For Printers that will inspire your customers to

Branding is a buzzword in all industries, not just printing. “Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in  your business.” – Steve Forbes For most small businesses, the importance of a good, consistent brand gets lost to the tyranny of the urgent. But, when you come to consider the benefits of a brand, such as increased

Communication has been one of humanity’s greatest feats since the beginning of time. The learned ability to communicate has been instrumental with everything from hunting during the early ages of man to producing the world’s greatest inventions. If communication has been such a valuable asset in the past, it’s even more critical today, especially for the life of your business.

Who needs marketing? Things are great. I’m busier than ever, and profits are through the roof! In fact, I don’t want or need any more business. All of that may be true. This has been an incredible run. Nine years of economic growth. Not a record, but it’s certainly has been a great ride. I hope it continues for nine

Making emotional connections with your customers and prospects can have a tremendous impact on your business. If your brand can generate an emotional response, you will sell more, gain greater customer loyalty, and be able to charge more than other companies that are selling an identical product. But, how do you do it? Using emotions in marketing is the latest

By the end of 2019, it’s estimated that there will be 224 million digital shoppers in the United States alone. That statistic is shoppers, not orders. How many orders do you think 224 million shoppers place annually? A lot — as in that’s-a-whole-lot-of-numbers-math-is-hard kind of a lot. But, if you think about it, online order numbers like that shouldn’t surprise most

Do you remember when you first started in the printing business? I do. It All Started When… It was 1985, and it was my dad’s hobby in our basement. He had a beat up, old A.B.Dick 360 press with a chute delivery. I was ten years old and loved hanging out with my dad while he was learning the craft

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