The November issue of our Local Edge direct mail postcard is available now and has us gearing up for the holidays. Celebrate in Style What is your favorite part of the holiday season? The food? The parties? The time with friends and family? Whether you choose a humble gathering or you like to celebrate in style, check out these humorous

What makes a printed piece leap off a page? Some say it’s the dimensions of the designs, the vibrant hues of the ink, or the dazzling gloss finishes. But part of the beauty is the way the layout itself captures your eye. When white space is appropriately utilized (or eliminated completely), the contrast can be breathtaking. But often clients don’t

In gymnastics, accelerated tumbling passes, high-flying vaults, and breath-taking dismounts are a thrill to behold. While these elements are big crowd-pleasers, the landing is just as critical as the performance. Solid landings keep gymnasts safe, generate big points, and mean the difference between placements and podiums. Seal the Deal with Classy, Confident Labels Business isn’t entirely different: sometimes a project

“I don’t have a clue what to talk about. I’m not an expert. How can I write about something like that?” These are the common thoughts that surround the idea of blogging. (Can you relate?) Blogging isn’t as scary as it seems though. All it takes is an idea, a question, or a pain point to address. Donald Miller, the author of

The November issue of the Business Forum direct mail newsletter has you gearing up for the busy holiday season. Ready and waiting to impact the lives of your customers, we’re pointing to the future with a little publication that creates a dynamic impact on your business. In This Issue Business focus: For the tech-savvy, explore the benefits and pitfalls of automating everything,

Many of you have made the smart choice to attend the PRINT 18 Conference in Chicago this upcoming September. Good for you! (If you haven’t yet, don’t worry. There’s still time.) But, merely attending a trade show isn’t all that effective. You have to have a mission – a plan for how you’re going to make the most of your

Times sure are changing, aren’t they? A few years ago, I could post on any one of a half dozen websites for a job at my printing company, and I would be inundated with resumes. Today, with record low unemployment, the task is much more difficult. For me, this is especially trued when trying to hire good CSRs (Customer Service

Social media marketing allows you to share articles, links, or images on numerous different platforms all for the sole benefit of connecting with your audience and increasing your presence in the minds or your current and future clients. As a printer, it is important that you jump on board in the venture of social media marketing. Why? Because building your

Ever heard of a conference “high”? The easiest way to describe it is to close your eyes and imagine you’ve just picked up your three kids and three of their friends from a week-long summer camp. You’ve got them all crammed in your minivan (ok, sporty SUV if that suits you better), and all hopes of a quiet ride home

Most companies, printers included, haven’t spent the time to define their sales process or the stages a prospect goes through before they buy. Even still, there are several more companies who have discrepancies in their sales process depending who you ask. Defining this process isn’t an easy exercise to go through, but it’s very necessary. And,  having it well-defined will

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