If you think it’s a constant struggle to market your services effectively to print buyers, you’re not alone. With advancements in technology and changes in print buyer behavior, your regular marketing strategies may not be as effective as they used to be. Is this you? Below, we’ve outlined 13 marketing fails that might be keeping you from connecting with prospective

Gratitude is on our minds as we get closer to Thanksgiving, with the November content available for download now. As you make marketing decisions for the end of the year, consider the impact of printing and mailing marketing pieces your customers will be grateful to receive! Each of the direct-mail marketing pieces we offer meets a specific marketing need, and

In the competitive world of printing, it’s essential to embrace the magic of marketing to attract new print buyers and keep those presses rolling. Even though almost every print owner recognizes the importance of marketing, many still need help translating that idea into moving their marketing efforts to the top of their priority list. After all, who wants to spend

As a printing company owner, you understand the importance of delivering high-quality products to your print buyers. However, despite your best efforts, you might find yourself facing an all-too-common challenge – dealing with incorrect print files from print buyers. While it’s easy to overlook the impact of these errors, they can actually cost your print business more than you realize.

Did you know that the earliest known form of printing dates back to 200 BC in China, where ink and paper were used to create stamps? Or that one of the oldest existing books, The Diamond Sutra, is printed on a 16-foot-long scroll from 868 AD? Print has come a long way since then – its use now extends far

The relationship you have with your customers and with the greater community in which you reside must be built on mutual trust. This means the marketing you produce for your print shop should be an invitation for your customers to trust you, not only with their printing needs but as a printing expert. The monthly marketing materials we provide work

Running a printing business is no easy task, and one of the most critical factors that can make or break your success is effective leadership. Strong leadership plays a pivotal role in steering your print company towards growth. It’s not just about managing the day-to-day operations; it’s about inspiring and guiding your team to reach their full potential and drive

Enhancing the print buying experience is crucial for staying ahead of the competition, especially in this fast-paced digital world. As technology evolves, your print buyers seek convenience, personalization, and efficiency. Embracing innovative approaches will not only attract new customers but will also help you retain loyal ones. If you’re looking to elevate the print buying experience and boost sales, explore

A solid LinkedIn presence can be a great way to increase your sales of print products and services. With more than 930 million users, it’s the go-to social media platform for professionals looking to connect with potential customers and partners. Crafting a great LinkedIn profile can help you reach out to potential and current print buyers, share valuable content, and

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