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“We don’t accomplish anything in this world alone… whatever happens is the result of the whole tapestry of one’s life and all the weavings of individual threads from one to another that creates something.” ~ Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor Connections have power. While we intrinsically understand the importance of relationships, now there’s data to confirm it. Research shows

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We’re so excited to release our latest Spooktacular issue of Printer’s Press! In This Issue In the upcoming October (August download) issue, you’ll find articles on: Helpful ways to winterize your body and mind Tips to increase your circulation The Top 10 Halloween candies A deliciously simple recipe for Vegan Chocolate Banana Muffins And an interesting travel article about the

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“Why do two colors, put one next to the other, sing? Can one really explain this? No. Just as one can never learn how to paint.” ~Pablo Picasso Make Their Printed Materials Sing World famous chef Wolfgang Puck compares cooking to music and to art. Just as there are so many notes or colors, he says, “there are only so

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Who doesn’t love a good party? The transition from summer weddings to year-end holiday gatherings means many of us will be experiencing an extra dose of intentional hospitality. However, a party is only successful if people actually COME, and most people attend for one key reason — because they were invited! Custom Envelopes Invite Them to “Come on In” and

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What is one thing that sets your company apart? Perhaps you offer a distinct product or service, or your customer care is second to none. Whatever it is that catches the attention of your customers, it is only one piece of the puzzle. Combining it with other strong aspects of your company is what really makes a lasting impression. The

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There’s no better way to show customers that you are a provider of useful assets, great design, and fantastic customer service than to distribute the Business Forum direct mail newsletter on a consistent basis.  The October issue (August download) is almost ready, and this is the perfect time to decide to supply a copy to your target audience. Be Welcomed Into

We’d like to bring you with us to Print ’17 this year! After all, we’re already offering you a free hotel room while you’re there! Bringing you with us might not be as glamorous as it sounds, but you can still come away with some big wins by participating in these two easy-to-win contests! Contest 1: Be Featured on Our

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There’s a new DesignEdit in the works, and you’re gonna love it! What’s DesignEdit? DesignEdit is an online design tool available on websites from Marketing Ideas For Printers. It offers your prospects and customers the ability to create ready-to-print online design projects starting with either a blank canvas or from one of 20,000+ pre-built templates. From changing colors to cropping images, your website visitors

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We want your opinion! In the upcoming October issue of Printer’s Press, we have included an alternate cover story option. Two Great Content Options In addition to a fun, general interest article (Tips to Winterize Yourself), you will find an optional print-focused article, which provides examples of print in action (Put Your Business on the Map). You can choose the

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Kim is one of the graphic designers here at Marketing Ideas For Printers. Her creative eye for design and artistic talents have been instrumental in our direct mail content for the past two decades. A Unique History Kim first learned about what would someday become Marketing Ideas For Printers when she attended some of the Express Press Walk of Fame events

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