If you hop on social media for even a few minutes, chances are, you’ll see inspirational quotes and quips flying past your fingertips as fast as those chocolate candies Lucy and Ethel were trying so desperately to wrap. Consider this well-known quote by Maya Angelou: “If you’re going to live, leave a legacy. Make a mark on the world that can’t

Making connections with your prospects and clients is a sure-fire way to ensure you create and build long-lasting business relationships. And your secret weapon in making those connections? Direct mail and website content. While you may struggle to find the time to write, design, and execute new content, you can find the help you need right here! Check out the

“Coming together is a beginning; Keeping together is progress; Working together is success.” – Henry Ford Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company, was a visionary on innovation whose love for learning and perseverance profoundly shaped the 20th century. Ford, and innovators like him, have the self-confidence, vision, and leadership abilities to see things differently, and the courage to

Pop quiz! Name one thing you can do for your business that will help build relationships, drive traffic to your website, increase your search engine optimization, and give you an incredible return on your investment. If you said content, you win! While producing content might seem like a lot of work, it doesn’t have to be. Check out the stellar

Pricing could be considered one of the great debates. Small business owners are often riddled with questions like these: “Should I lower my prices to beat out the competition?” “Or should I increase my prices to show I have more value to offer?” “Should I show my pricing on my website?” While these types of questions may continue to come

There’s a quote by Zimbabwean-born and Canadian-based philosopher Matshona Dhilwayo that goes like this: “The ordinary think inside of the box, the extraordinary think outside of the box, but the genius thinks inside, outside, below and above the box.” Dick Olenych, owner of Spectrum Printing (Home of the Happy Printers) in Virginia Beach, Virginia, uses this genius-described way of thinking

Ah… What a beautiful time of year! It’s the season of counting our blessings and spreading thankfulness and gratitude. So why am I so tired of feeling invisible? The other day I checked out at Walmart with an actual human checker. Even though I stood at the checkout for a while, the checker didn’t look up at me once or

A new year is on its way, and your marketing needs to be ready for it! Check out what’s coming in the January 2022 direct mail marketing content from Marketing Ideas For Printers, available for download now. (P.S. Don’t miss it! We’ve added something new to help you drive more traffic to your website and sell more printing.) Business Forum

If you’ve been in an Adobe product as of late, you may have seen warnings flash on your screen telling you the end is near for Type 1 fonts. But what’s the deal? Should you be worried? While it’s not a fontpocalypse, it is worth paying attention to and may require action on your part before Type 1 fonts are

What is the one thing every print owner needs to be successful? Is it sales, prestige, rockstar employees? How would you answer that question? Author and speaker Brian Basilico would tell you that the one thing you need is relationships. Or, as he says it, “Relationships are the currency of business.” But have you ever thought about what exactly it

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