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WHY Should Printers Care about social media?

No matter the size of your business, you can connect with anyone, anywhere, thanks to the reach and power of social media marketing.

Here’s why social media marketing works:


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“Social media replaces nothing – but complements everything.”

–Neal Schaffer, CEO and author

Low Risk. Enormous Potential.

Stretch your company recognition over four great social media channels with content feeds for your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages, along with entries for your own blog, delivered right to your inbox.

Social media marketing has never been easier. You’re only one click away from a social media presence.

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Subscription Pricing and FAQs | The 80/20 Rule In Reverse


2 Blog posts per week

Roughly 60% of businesses who blog acquire more customers. Why? Because having a consistent blog fuels SEO and helps build loyal customer relationships.

Use our general purpose, completely customizable content that makes it quick and easy for you to strike up conversations online.

View Sample Blog Content on a fictitious printer’s blog.


2 LinkedIn posts per week

A LinkedIn online presence gets you past the gatekeeper and straight to the print buyer. Engage your audience with great content and let the networking begin!

LinkedIn offers an online space to:

  • Build credibility and trust
  • Encourage recommendations
  • Connect with decision makers and influences
  • Qualify leads

View Sample LinkedIn Updates on a demo LinkedIn feed.


3 Facebook posts per week

Encourage community and develop a loyal fan base when you increase your reach with Facebook. It’s easy to get started and offers multiple channels for starting conversations with your customers and prospects.

Still not convinced? Here are a few more benefits of using Facebook for your business:

  • Increased exposure to potential customers with over a billion users
  • Lowered marketing expenses
  • A boost to your SEO
  • Facebook Insights (See your reach, performance, and likes)

View Sample Facebook Posts on a demo Facebook business page.

X (Formerly Twitter)

5 posts per week

X is the information platform to share your great content if you want to position yourself as an industry leader and get others talking about your business.

Check out these other great X advantages:

  • Attracts and helps keep loyal customers
  • Helps you stay informed on what your customers are thinking
  • Provides a way to generate testimonials
  • Makes public relations easy

View Sample Posts on a fictitious printer’s X feed.

Getting Started is easy!

It costs so little to get started with your social marketing campaign, and it’s so easy to add to what you’re already doing!
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Subscription Pricing and FAQs | The 80/20 Rule In Reverse

Social Media Marketing For Printers| Subscription Pricing and FAQs| The 80/20 Rule In Reverse