We’ll be traveling to Chicago this September to take part in the Print 17 conference, and we want you with us! If you’ve never had the opportunity to attend “the largest gathering of print and graphic communications buyers, decision makers and suppliers in North America,” here’s your chance! The Print 17 Conference is coming this September 10-14th, 2017, to McCormick

A few weeks ago at Graph Expo 2016, we presented the alpha release of “Odyssey,” the codename for the new Print Management Information System (Print MIS) designed to end printers’ double-entry dilemma. We thought, “If a print buyer is entering order information on a printer’s website, why does the printer have to re-enter it into their Print MIS?” Removing Steps to Eliminate Print MIS Double-Entry

All-in-one Print MIS, Web-2-Print and Marketing solution changes the way printers do business. ORLANDO, FL, Sept. 25 – There was a time when taking print orders over the web meant re-entering that information into the Print MIS (management information system) and added time and errors to a printer’s day. Today, Marketing Ideas for Printers (MI4P) announced the alpha release of

How many customer lists are you currently maintaining? One of your most valuable customer lists is the one in your print management information system (Print MIS). After all, that’s where you’re keeping track of everyone that’s placing orders, and everyone that’s paying you for the privilege of doing business with you. That’s a pretty significant list! When do you add people to

We’ve heard over and over again about the challenges printers face when they receive an order online and then need to re-enter the same information into their print management information systems (Print MIS). Copy-paste makes the job easier, of course, but who wants to sit around copying and pasting all day when you could be spending that time working and selling

A print management information system (or Print MIS) helps printers manage their day-to-day production activities. Would you agree that a Print MIS should connect you with your print-buying customers from the time an order is placed until the time an order is completed? That’s common ground that we can all agree on pretty easily. Would you also agree that you should be

One of our core values at Marketing Ideas For Printers is Positive Attitude. A slightly longer version of that core value reads like this: Positive Attitude: We find the best in every experience. It’s easy to “find the best” in good experiences, but we desire to find the best in every experience, including the not-so-good experiences. We had one of those not-so-good

We’ll soon be headed to Chicago for Graph Expo, and we’d like to show off your real-world Ink Inc. direct mail advertising pieces at our booth! We’re giving away up to fifteen $25 Starbucks or Amazon.com gift cards (your choice!) to Ink Inc. customers that send us samples of their Ink Inc. direct mail advertising as it’s being used in the real world. Here’s How to Get Your Gift

Graph Expo will be here before you know it … the show runs September 13-16, 2015, in Chicago’s McCormick Place Conference Center. We’ll be there in Booth 457, ready to visit with you. Plus, we can get you in the doors of McCormick Place for free! We have a limited number of free, exhibits-only passes for you (a $45 value), available until August 28,