Printers have a habit of working in a production timespan measured in days, if not hours!  Why?  Because print buyers demand a faster turnaround, and efficient technology makes it possible. The print production scheduling guidelines of “one day per task” from back in the day when I started my career in print just don’t apply anymore. With those ever-shrinking production timelines,

Estimating has been a cornerstone in the printing industry for years. While you may think that providing your customers with an estimate is for their benefit only, in fact, estimating a job also provides you with a myriad of benefits. A good estimate: Provides efficiency Ensures accuracy Creates consistency Fosters professionalism Displays your cost/value ratio Most importantly, good estimating is

By the end of 2019, it’s estimated that there will be 224 million digital shoppers in the United States alone. That statistic is shoppers, not orders. How many orders do you think 224 million shoppers place annually? A lot — as in that’s-a-whole-lot-of-numbers-math-is-hard kind of a lot. But, if you think about it, online order numbers like that shouldn’t surprise most

“Does my print shop really need a Print MIS Solution?” The short answer to that question is: Yes! And here’s why… Print MIS Explained MIS is an abbreviation for “Management Information System.” Like most manufacturing businesses, the printing industry requires juggling a lot of information to function profitably. An MIS solution helps you with the juggling, and therefore, the profits!

Imagine a world where you’re able to sell more printing online AND in person. (This isn’t some dreamy place beyond the realm of possibility.) It sounds easier said than done, but it is VERY possible. A recent experience of mine with my cell phone company touched on one of the most important goals to not overlook in selling more printing: having an

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Here’s a quote that has really impacted me in recent days: …there’s a danger in overfocusing on the finish line. When you do, you lose the power of seeing how far you’ve come. ~ Jon Acuff When working on a project as big as Odyssey, our Print MIS, that finish line can be elusive. The truth is, there is no finish

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By now, the list of excuses for not joining us at the Print 17 conference in Chicago this September should be pretty small. After all, we’ve already laid out 5 Reasons You Should Join Us At Print 17, and we’ve topped it off by offering you free, exhibits-only passes to the show. Do you really need one more offer? Well,

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You’ve started your next big project. It’s the big idea that will leapfrog you past other printers competing with you. It’s the revolutionary change that will usher in your next period of success. And it’s intimidating. You’ve lost your momentum, and you’re stuck. The mighty elephant in the room is your obstacle. It’s easy to see, but at the same

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Does this sound familiar? Hmmm. . .what should we say in this blog? It should be something that inspires our customers. Yeah. Innovative. Powerful. Or maybe an educational piece? That could work; something like 3 Steps to. . .Hmmm. . .3 steps to what? What about. . .[ding]. Oh, look, Jim just emailed. No, stay focused – working on content

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A frequent question that comes up when printers explore moving to any cloud-based service is: What happens if my internet connection goes down? Our new Print MIS, Odyssey, is a cloud-based service, so it’s important to us that you get a clear answer to that question. If internet reliability is a concern in your area, then a cloud-based MIS service like Odyssey

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