A Print MIS for the Long Haul

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For those discovering Odyssey (our new Print MIS) and learning about Marketing Ideas For Printers for the very first time, it’s not surprising to have questions like this:

How do I know Marketing Ideas For Printers will be around for the long haul? How can I be assured that Odyssey will be viable in the future if I choose Odyssey as my Print MIS?

Those are good questions, and not too difficult to answer.

It Starts with Our History

The answer actually starts in the late 1980s with the birth of Ink Inc., which at that time was the name of the company that started the direct mail service provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers. Just click the history link at the bottom of any page on our Direct Mail For Printers website and you’ll see the story of how Ink Inc. began.

Over time, we’ve added Websites For Printers (2001), Social Media Marketing For Printers (2009), and Email Marketing For Printers (2009) to the services offered by Marketing Ideas For Printers. Each service was quickly embraced by both new and existing customers, and each service quickly achieved sustained profitability. Each service has stood the test of time, and each service has adapted to continue to be relevant. (The email marketing service is a current-day example of adapting for relevancy, as explained on the email marketing website.)

In other words, we’ve been around the block. We know what we’re doing! We’ve identified ways to solve problems printers have faced in the past. Now we’ve identified a need that can only be filled by a totally new approach to Print MIS, and that need will be filled by Odyssey.

That Was Then. What About the Future?

The people pitching financial products always add this disclaimer: “A fund’s past performance does not necessarily predict future results.” That’s true, of course. In fact, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission requires funds to say that to investors. But an even greater truth is offered by Tom Foster in his book Hiring Talent: Decoding Levels of Work in the Behavioral Interview. I’ve had the opportunity to attend one of Tom’s workshops in person, and he’s super-smart. Tom simply says:

The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

It’s simple, and it’s true. Since we’ve been around the block, we know what success looks like. We know that if we help printers succeed, we’ll succeed too.

Our Founding Members

Here’s another important indicator of the future success of Odyssey. We started by secretly pitching Odyssey to a small group of our customers when it was nothing more than an idea. Many of these printers believed in the idea enough to invest in Odyssey, and they’ve pledged their ongoing support through their monthly subscription fees when Odyssey launches. The Founding Members took the risk. Each Founding Member had two opportunities to abandon their commitment to Odyssey, but none did. They’re all still with us!

Our Early Adopters

Later, when we had developed Odyssey to the point where it could be presented in the alpha stage of development, we opened up Odyssey’s availability to our existing Marketing Ideas For Printers customer base, and once again, our expectations were met; we welcomed Odyssey’s Early Adopters to our growing community of printers committed to Odyssey’s future.

With Us for the Long Haul

Our Founding Members and Early Adopters are with us for the long haul. Their commitments provide a strong base on which we can establish the long-term financial viability of Odyssey. You can read more about the Founding Members and Early Adopters on our Why Just 15? page, and you can read many of their individual stories on the Early Adopters page.

Our Founding Members and Early Adopters have validated Odyssey’s long-term viability. We now invite you to join them!

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Dave Hultin
President, Marketing Ideas For Printers