Greetings, Printer Friends! As I recently found myself in front of the camera for a new work headshot (which you’ve probably noticed on the Tip of the Week videos), I couldn’t help but reflect on the changes that life has etched onto my face over the past ten years. As a woman who navigated the challenges of raising three teenagers,

Welcome to the start of a new feature to help you Sell More Printing! This article aims to highlight the exceptional sales and marketing efforts of others so you can adapt them to help you sell more printing. First in our sights is the Money Tree, which provides a creative and clever way to show appreciation to your best customers.

Social media is a must-have tool for print businesses like yours to connect with target audiences and build a strong online presence. However, concerns about negative comments and feedback can sometimes deter printers from fully embracing social media. But what if we told you that these potential hurdles can be turned into brand-building opportunities? Let’s explore how you can effectively

Happy New Year! It truly is remarkable how quickly we come back around to January 1. As you look ahead to all that could be in 2024, be sure to consider the impact a solid marketing strategy can have on your company’s bottom line. Let the fresh start of a new year be the catalyst for increased marketing efforts, and

Gravity is the force by which a planet or other body draws objects toward its center. Every body in the solar system exerts a force on those around it, with Jupiter wielding the strongest pull and the moon exerting one of the weakest. Even your own physical body exerts a gravitational influence on the things around you (though this force

We live in a world that’s saturated with data. Data can be ignored (like, did you really need to see how many new Facebook mentions you received in the last 90 seconds?), or data can be used for productive purposes, such as uncovering new sales opportunities. Today, I have two sales-related data stories to share with you. One is a

As a print company owner, you know the importance of branding. It helps your business stand out in a crowded market and creates a lasting impression on potential customers. However, as time goes by, it’s possible for your branding to become stale or outdated. This can have a negative impact on your business and hinder its growth. If you are

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, keeping up with your marketing efforts can feel overwhelming. It’s one of the reasons we offer a diverse range of monthly marketing materials for print shops—to take the stress out of connecting with your customers. No matter the time of year, knowing your customers will receive high-quality print marketing in their

Are you searching for a game-changing boost for your printing business? Look no further! At MI4P, we believe that remarkable partnerships begin with meaningful conversations. If you’re eager to expand your leads, increase profits, and sell more printing, our “Proven Process” is tailored just for you. Join us on a journey towards greater success, backed by over 30 years of

Have you ever felt like you can’t do everything on your own? Or maybe you’ve wondered if your team is working as efficiently as possible. Of course, you have! Whether your team is small or large, it has the potential to accomplish much more collectively than you could alone. If you’re leading a team, you might be familiar with various

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