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As a print owner, you know how important it is to stay competitive and efficient in today’s fast-paced world. One way to achieve this is by using a Print MIS solution. A Print MIS solution, or Management Information System, is a software tool that streamlines your workflow by managing customer information, materials, labor costs, and prices, and here are the

“Does my print shop really need a Print MIS Solution?” The short answer to that question is: Yes! And here’s why… Print MIS Explained MIS is an abbreviation for “Management Information System.” Like most manufacturing businesses, the printing industry requires juggling a lot of information to function profitably. An MIS solution helps you with the juggling, and therefore, the profits!

As you look to continue to refine your social media strategy process, there’s one thing you should know before you go any further: There’s no silver bullet or magic formula that will bring instant leads to your business or a million orders overnight. As a print business owner, remember, it’s more important for you to focus on how to BE

Imagine a world where you’re able to sell more printing online AND in person. (This isn’t some dreamy place beyond the realm of possibility.) It sounds easier said than done, but it is VERY possible. A recent experience of mine with my cell phone company touched on one of the most important goals to not overlook in selling more printing: having an

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Here’s a quote that has really impacted me in recent days: …there’s a danger in overfocusing on the finish line. When you do, you lose the power of seeing how far you’ve come. ~ Jon Acuff When working on a project as big as Odyssey, our Print MIS, that finish line can be elusive. The truth is, there is no finish

A successful Print 17 is in the history books, and all the activity surrounding the event has now been assigned the status of “memory.” To help keep those memories alive, here are my Top 10 takeaways, reflections, and observations of Print 17, which ran from September 10-14, 2017 in the south hall of Chicago’s McCormick Place. #1: The show’s footprint

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The countdown is on to Print 2017! Soon, from September 10th through the 14th, our team from Marketing Ideas For Printers will be in Chicago, claiming Booth 351 as our temporary home away from home. Last year at GraphExpo we presented a preview of Odyssey, an all-in-one Marketing, Web-To-Print, and Print MIS system. One year later, we’re ready to show how Odyssey

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You’ve started your next big project. It’s the big idea that will leapfrog you past other printers competing with you. It’s the revolutionary change that will usher in your next period of success. And it’s intimidating. You’ve lost your momentum, and you’re stuck. The mighty elephant in the room is your obstacle. It’s easy to see, but at the same

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A frequent question that comes up when printers explore moving to any cloud-based service is: What happens if my internet connection goes down? Our new Print MIS, Odyssey, is a cloud-based service, so it’s important to us that you get a clear answer to that question. If internet reliability is a concern in your area, then a cloud-based MIS service like Odyssey

Each week we present two webinars to talk about Odyssey, the new Print MIS from Marketing Ideas For Printers. Last week’s webinar was one of the best because Cindy Heitman and Don Jones joined me. (That means you don’t have to listen to me drone on and on!) Cindy and Don both have a unique perspective on Odyssey, and you’ll find it

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