Two Easy-to-Win Print ’17 Contests For Our Customers

We’d like to bring you with us to Print ’17 this year! After all, we’re already offering you a free hotel room while you’re there!

Bringing you with us might not be as glamorous as it sounds, but you can still come away with some big wins by participating in these two easy-to-win contests!

Contest 1: Be Featured on Our Brochure and Receive a $350 Credit to Your MI4P Account

The last time we printed our brochures, the cover looked like the photo below, featuring a picture of the Heidelberg SM52 press from the Mike Stevens / Express Press era of our company:

This year we thought, “Why not consider featuring one of our customers on the cover?” If you and your team are willing to make an appearance on our brochure cover and we select the winning photo from your photo submissions, we’ll reward you with a $350 credit to your account with Marketing Ideas For Printers.

Requirements for the photos you submit:

  • Photos must be high-resolution, professional-quality photography. We’re looking for an authentic photo taken by someone with a knowledge of photographic lighting and an eye for great composition.
  • You must be willing to give us the copyright release (assigning rights for Marketing Ideas For Printers to use your photo in this brochure and other future marketing materials).
  • Authentic “printer in action” scenes must be present. That can be either production or front-counter work, as long as the environment is immediately recognizable as a print environment.
  • Get bonus points for any Marketing Ideas For Printers product placement in the photo! Examples: a computer with a website from Marketing Ideas For Printers on the screen or a shot of any of the direct mail advertising pieces coming off the production equipment or displayed in your lobby.

Send as many photos as you wish, but we’ll select just one winner. We reserve the right to be picky, which means we reserve the right to use stock photography if we can’t find that “just right” authentic printer photo. Your photos must be submitted by 9 p.m. Central Time on Tuesday, August 15. (We’re on a schedule, so no exceptions to the deadline!) Send your questions and submissions to our Content Manager, Rachel Nies at You can also reach her at (800) 736-0688 ext. 7014.

Contest 2: Send Us Your Extra Direct Mail Samples and Get a Free Month of Direct Mail

This contest is an easy win! We’re looking for printed samples of the direct mail newsletters provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers that you’ve customized for your use. All you need to do is mail us some of your extras, and we’ll reward you by giving you a credit to your account with Marketing Ideas For Printers equal to the amount of your monthly direct mail subscription.

Requirements for your direct mail samples:

  • You must provide us with printed samples for three different months of your direct mail newsletter subscription, with 50 (or more!) copies of each month. That’s a total of 150 (or more!) samples.
  • Do you have multiple newsletter subscriptions? You can submit each one and get a one-month credit for each unique direct mail package!
  • Your direct mail samples cannot be older than the January 2017 issue. (Please don’t send us your dust-gathering extras at the back of your shelf.)
  • Please coordinate your participation with our Content Manager, Rachel Nies, at or (800) 736-0688 ext. 7014. A quick email or phone conversation with Rachel will confirm that there’s still a spot for you to win!

There are up to 15 winners for this contest. We’ll take the first three printers submitting samples for each of our direct mail packages (Printer’s Press, Business Form, Coffee Break, Local Edge, and FastStart).

Your printed samples must arrive here in Fargo by Friday, August 25.

Thanks in advance, and we’re looking forward to you joining us at Print ’17!