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A terrific way to sell more printing!

Direct mail advertising creates sales! We know this; you know this. So, what’s the problem? The problem is:

  • “I don’t have time to put together a new direct mail advertising campaign each month.”
  • “I don’t have a writer on staff.”
  • “I’d rather have my designer working on billable work.” 
  • “I need a direct mail campaign that runs like clockwork.” 

Well, toss the excuses because We Can Help!

Our world-class talent will save you time by writing and creating a new, ready-to-customize, professional direct mail campaign every single month, without fail. You pick the marketing package, and we’ll get it in your hands on time, each and every month, ready to print and send out on a consistent, reliable monthly schedule. Direct mail has never been easier!

Request a no-obligation sample, or give us a call at (800) 736-0688 or (701) 241-9204, and let’s get started.

Printer’s Press

Printer’s Press is our most popular newsletter. Smart, interesting, and fun to read, your customers will look forward to receiving it each month.

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Business Forum

Promote your printing firm with inspiring business, life, and real print solutions! Business Forum is a modern, eight-page, business-to-business newsletter focused on the work/life balance of business professionals.

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Focused on the products you print and the fantastic customer service you provide, FastStart is an excellent tool to showcase everything you have to offer in a fold-over mailer and/or postcard format.

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Local Edge

Use the power of postcard marketing to remind your print buyers of the many benefits of buying local.

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Coffee Break

Coffee Break is the kind of direct-mail advertising people love to get. An 8.5″ x 14″ page of great jokes and clever cartoons that prompt smiles and build a warm relationship between you and your clients.

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What We Do - the 85% Factor

We'll provide professional content for you that is on time, at a cost we believe to be only about 7% to 10% of what it would take for you to do it in-house each month.

Our professional writers, editors, and proofreaders will research, write, and proof your direct mailer for you each month.

Our designers and graphic artists will keep your mailer looking fresh and clean, with eye-catching graphics and crisp, modern designs.

Our digital technicians will work with the files we produce to ensure they are production-ready.

We'll keep you on schedule. On-time delivery from us means no more missed deadlines for you in creating and sending your mailings.

We'll ensure copyright compliance. We verify our sources to ensure accuracy and copyright compliance. We don't "borrow" materials improperly or illegally, but instead, we verify our sources to ensure accuracy and copyright compliance so you don't have to.

We'll protect against typos. On average, less than one typo per year makes it through to any of our direct-mail packages. (That's less than one typo per year for ALL the packages, NOT one per package.)

We'll help you get the facts right. Content mistakes are even more rare on our packages than typos. About once every two years, we'll discover a factual error. When we do discover errors, either factual or typographic, we'll alert you quickly.

It is incredibly complex and time-consuming to create a monthly mailer. That’s the real reason so very few printers do it — even though everyone knows it’s a good idea!

For a small monthly fee, we’ll do about 85% of the work for you. We’ll simplify the process so much that you’ll easily see the benefits a consistent, monthly direct-mail marketing program provides.

What You Do - the 15% Factor

Your own direct-mail marketing is the most important print job you’ll produce each month. Make sure to plan ahead and pre-schedule time in your production area to personalize, print, and mail your own marketing materials.

Keep your mailing list current and updated. Remove bad addresses and add new businesses as you go.

Spend a few hours each month personalizing your mailers to optimize their impact on your particular market and customer base. Yes, we do provide generic display ads in our newsletters, but it is so much more effective when you have your own creative team spend a little bit of their time each month creating display ads that promote the specific products and services you sell. Adding your own display ads is a great way to personalize your message and improve the overall effectiveness of your direct-mail campaign.

Mail on time – the same time – every month. Your customers and prospects will notice your consistency in producing your own direct mail and know they can count on you to be just as consistent in filling their printing needs.

If you'll do your part — the 15% Factor — each month, your direct-mail marketing will create new opportunities for your printing business.

Mike Stevens in front of Express Press
in downtown Fargo, North Dakota in the early 1990s

In 1988, Mike Stevens, the owner of Express Press in Fargo, North Dakota, founded Ink Inc., an ad agency specializing in designing direct-mail marketing materials for the printing industry.

At that time, Mike was spending about $2,000* dollars a month creating his print shop's monthly mailers using local freelance writers and designers. Although the results from the mailings were encouraging, two thousand dollars in monthly creative fees was almost overwhelming.

Mike was frustrated that it was so time-consuming and expensive to create his own direct-mail marketing for his print shop. That's when he had the idea of creating the direct mail campaigns as camera-ready artwork so other printers could benefit, too!

It didn't take long for the results to start coming in. At the end of the first month, 11 printers were paying $100 a month to subscribe to the new company's program. At the end of the second month, 28 printers had joined up, and by the end of that first year, Ink Inc. had over 100 subscribers in 22 states. Ink Inc. was a hit! Many printers reported that Ink Inc. was able to provide them with much better artwork than they could design in their own shop, at a fraction of the time and cost.

Through the years, 16 different competitors have tried and failed to copy the Ink Inc. formula. Apparently, it's not as easy as it looks. To come up with creative, new ideas month in and month out is a daunting task, but Ink Inc. has stood the test of time and remains a trusted source of direct-mail marketing ideas for printers.

The term "camera ready" is gone, and Ink Inc. is now part of Marketing Ideas For Printers. Terms and names have changed, but the purpose hasn't: Direct Mail from Marketing Ideas For Printers helps printers sell more printing.

*$4,008.64 in today's dollars, when adjusted for inflation.