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A terrific way to sell more printing!

Direct mail advertising creates sales! So, what’s the problem? The problem is:

  • “I don’t have time to put together a new direct mail advertising campaign each month.”
  • “I don’t have a writer on staff.”
  • “I’d rather have my designer working on billable work.” 
  • “I need a direct mail campaign that runs like clockwork.” 

Well, toss the excuses because We Can Help!

Save time with ready-to-customize, professional direct mail campaigns every single month, without fail. Direct mail has never been easier!

Not sure which direct mail package is the perfect fit for your business?

Printer’s Press

Our most popular newsletter. Smart, interesting, and fun to read, your customers will look forward to receiving it each month.

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National Direct Mail

When you want to reach far, go national! This unique direct marketing package offers you no zip code limitations as well as multi-channel content through included social media and email marketing content.

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An excellent, product-of-the-month tool to showcase everything you have to offer in a fold-over mailer and/or postcard format.

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Local Edge

Use the power of postcard marketing to remind your print buyers of the many benefits of buying local.

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Coffee Break

This humor newsletter offers great jokes and clever cartoons that prompt smiles and build a warm relationship between you and your clients.

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Mike Stevens in front of Express Press
in downtown Fargo, North Dakota in the early 1990s

In 1988, Mike Stevens, the owner of Express Press in Fargo, North Dakota, founded Ink Inc., an ad agency specializing in designing direct-mail marketing materials for the printing industry.

Mike was frustrated that it was so time-consuming and expensive to create his own direct-mail marketing for his print shop. That’s when he had the idea of creating the direct mail campaigns as camera-ready artwork so other printers could benefit, too!

It didn’t take long for the results to start coming in. By the end of that first year, Ink Inc. had over 100 subscribers in 22 states. Ink Inc. was a hit! Many printers reported that Ink Inc. was able to provide them with much better artwork than they could design in their own shop, at a fraction of the time and cost.

Ink Inc. is now part of Marketing Ideas For Printers. Names have changed, but the purpose hasn’t: Direct Mail from Marketing Ideas For Printers helps printers sell more printing.