Each week we present two webinars to talk about Odyssey, the new Print MIS from Marketing Ideas For Printers. Last week’s webinar was one of the best because Cindy Heitman and Don Jones joined me. (That means you don’t have to listen to me drone on and on!) Cindy and Don both have a unique perspective on Odyssey, and you’ll find it

“Odyssey” is a new breed of Print Management Information Systems (Print MIS) that eliminates double entry and expands the scope of Print MIS to include marketing. Odyssey Eliminates Double Entry Gone are the days when your customers place an order online, and you have to copy the information they provided and paste it into your Print MIS. With Odyssey, your

Eighty percent of consumers’ disposable income is still spent on businesses within 10 miles of their homes. Are you helping your print-buying customers reach their customers within those 10 miles? Direct mail is still relevant in a digital world, and Every Door Direct Mail makes connecting with consumers fast, easy, and effective. Connie Jacoby, Direct Marketing Specialist at the United