Communicating with Your Customers: An Easy Way to Build Trust and Credibility

Every business owner knows that customer service is critical to staying competitive. But what about communicating expectations? Do you ensure your print buyers know what to expect when doing business with you?

Recently, I received an email in response to an order placed by someone in our organization. It impressed me so much that I printed it out and shared it with the team. The message was short but concisely expressed precisely what the customer (me, in this case) could expect in their journey. This got me thinking—how often do we communicate these expectations with our own customers?

This email response above created anticipation for the next interaction. It made me want to follow their guidelines even though they weren’t even stated. It eased my mind, knowing that there wasn’t going to be any guessing. Even more important, it makes me want to do that for my customers. It’s simple and didn’t cost a dime.

The Benefits of Setting Print Buyer Expectations Upfront

Setting expectations upfront is a great way to create trust and credibility with your print buyers.

It gives them an idea of how your business operates and helps set up the foundation for a successful relationship between both parties. For example, as a printing company, we should let our customers know when they can expect their order to be ready and any additional costs that might come with complex designs or rush orders. Making this information clear right up front will help prevent any confusion or delays down the line.

It’s also essential to provide print buyers with detailed instructions on how to complete tasks related to their order (if applicable). For instance, provide step-by-step instructions for viewing proofs, paying their invoice, and more, so they know exactly what they need to do. 

Finally, make sure you provide options for getting in touch if there are any issues during the ordering process or after the purchase has been completed. This could include providing phone numbers, email addresses, online chat support services, or even social media accounts where people can contact you directly if they have questions or concerns. Having multiple options available will help ensure that all of your print buyers’ needs are taken care of quickly and efficiently.

No matter what type of business you own, setting expectations upfront is essential for creating trust and credibility with your customers. By clearly communicating all relevant details about your products or services, providing detailed instructions on how to get started using them (if applicable), and offering multiple ways for customers to get in touch if they have any questions or concerns, you can foster strong relationships based on mutual understanding and respect—which is key for any successful business partnership!

Written by

Ralph Irwin

Owner, Irwin Printing Co., Inc.

Ralph Irwin owns and operates Irwin Printing in Republic, Missouri. Founded in 1974 by Ralph's father, Irwin Printing has continued to build a strong legacy through Ralph's dedication and passion for helping his customers and their businesses thrive. Ralph's legacy-building continues at home as well, as he and his wife, Gail, spend their time raising three teenagers.