Every print business has its strengths and its weaknesses. To ensure you’re meeting your print buyers’ needs, it’s a great idea to take stock of the areas where your company is performing well and other areas where improvements can be made. This careful attention to your printshop’s performance not only benefits your existing clientele, but it also attracts new print

“Ugh. Marketing. Why does it have to be so hard? Why can’t people just know my product or service is awesome and come bursting through my doors to buy it?” If you’ve ever felt like this when trying to get the word out about a new product, you’re not alone. Except for a select group of people (like those who

A successful Print 17 is in the history books, and all the activity surrounding the event has now been assigned the status of “memory.” To help keep those memories alive, here are my Top 10 takeaways, reflections, and observations of Print 17, which ran from September 10-14, 2017 in the south hall of Chicago’s McCormick Place. #1: The show’s footprint

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There’s a new DesignEdit in the works, and you’re gonna love it! What’s DesignEdit? DesignEdit is an online design tool available on websites from Marketing Ideas For Printers. It offers your prospects and customers the ability to create ready-to-print online design projects starting with either a blank canvas or from one of 20,000+ pre-built templates. From changing colors to cropping images, your website visitors

Scheduled Maintenance We’ve received word from our technology partner that the DesignEdit servers will be getting an operating system update. Therefore, the DesignEdit tool will be temporarily unavailable March 15th, beginning at 6 AM GMT (that’s 1 AM Eastern, Midnight Central, 11 PM Mountain, 10 PM Pacific). The technicians anticipate the updates will take around 4 hours. Thank You For

Scheduled Maintenance We’ve received word from our technology partner that the DesignEdit system will be undergoing some significant updates to the database. They have managed to perform nearly all of the updates while still keeping the system active, but there are some processes that much be installed while the system is inaccessible. Therefore, the DesignEdit tool will be unavailable on

The Power of “Us” One of our favorite things about the DesignEdit product is that most of its content is crowdsourced. The images and template designs that you see are developed by a global team of content providers, all competing to produce the best designs for you and your customers. But here’s where the true power of crowdsourced content can

Well, here we are: we’ve been talking about DesignEdit for a couple of months now, and given you several peeks behind the curtain at the ongoing development. Yesterday, we officially launched DesignEdit for your use (or more importantly, for your customers to use). This is going to be fun! There isn’t really much more to say, other than get in

DesignEdit’s Ready! Here Are Your Next Steps DesignEdit, the online design tool businesses and consumers love to use to create print-ready design online launches today! Now that DesignEdit is ready for use, here’s what you need to do to make it ready for your customers: Kick the tires on our demo site It wouldn’t hurt to know what the fuss is

The Marketing Ideas For Printers LinkedIn Group Our Chief Marketing Officer (and printing rock-star) Mike Stevens is moderating a marketing users group for print owners on LinkedIn.com. The group is called Marketing Ideas for Printers, and membership is free! All you have to do is go to the LinkedIn group page and click the yellow “Join” button. Get in on

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