DesignEdit Maintenance February 1st

Scheduled Maintenance

We’ve received word from our technology partner that the DesignEdit system will be undergoing some significant updates to the database. They have managed to perform nearly all of the updates while still keeping the system active, but there are some processes that much be installed while the system is inaccessible.

Therefore, the DesignEdit tool will be unavailable on Febrary 1st, beginning at 8 AM GMT (that’s 3 AM Eastern, 2 AM Central, 1 AM Mountain, Midnight Pacific). The technicians anticipate the updates will take around 6 hours.

Thank You For Your Patience

We know it can be an inconvenience to have software unavailable for any length of time, and would like to thank you in advance for your patience. Fortunately, these kinds of updates are a once-every-5-years kind of thing.