Sell More Printing: Owning Your Unique Category

Welcome back to another edition of Sell More Printing, where we explore real-world sales and marketing strategies that you, as a printer, can adapt to boost your business.

This month we’ll explore how to sell more printing by owning a category that’s unique to you.

Create Your Unique Category 

Creating a unique category can be as simple as combining two common items in a way that no one ever thought of before. Last month, I shared how Just Add Ice brilliantly combined ice cubes with the task of watering plants, establishing themselves as the go-to source for easy-to-maintain plants. When I’m ready to ship a Money Tree as a gift, you can bet there’s only one place I’ll go! 

Here’s another example that’s a little more unusual. Ladies, please accept my apologies in advance: I’d like to think that all men wash their hands after going to the bathroom. What would happen, though, if someone combined a urinal and a sink? Hygiene improves, and a new category is created with the urinal sink! 


How This Helps You Sell More Printing 

You can sell more printing when you create your very own category. Owning a unique category means you not only stand out in the market but also claim ownership of all the customers and prospects associated with that category. You will be the go-to source for anyone who places themselves in the unique category you’ve created. 

How to Create Your Unique Category 

What category can you own? Consider what common items you can combine to create a category that’s unique to you.

Take our own Dick Olenych, for example. Dick is a printer, and he owns “Happy.” By combining the two, Dick now claims the category of “The Happy Printer.” With a website like and the infusion of Happy + Printer into everything Dick does, he has successfully established himself as the go-to source for a joyful printing experience. When someone is searching for a happy printer, they’ll undoubtedly find Dick Olenych and The Happy Printers! 

Discussion: Join the Conversation 

What unique category can you create? 

Jump into the conversation on our LinkedIn post, and let’s brainstorm together. Share your thoughts and ideas on how you can carve out your distinctive category in the printing industry. Your input is valuable, and together, we can inspire each other to reach new heights in selling more printing. 


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Dave Hultin

President, Marketing Ideas For Printers

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