If you’re struggling to get the word out that you’re ready, willing, and able to help others with their print marketing needs, here are some must-haves and must-dos to help drive traffic to your website using social media and email marketing. What to Post on Social Media Social media should be a melting pot of engaging content. A good rule

Messaging is everything. It drives your entire business, should be crafted synonymously with your core values, and built around a clear, compelling reason why your prospects should want to do business with you. Yet, the majority of printers have no core messaging, and no relevant message strategy (other than to sell something somebody wants). So, how do you craft content

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There’s a new DesignEdit in the works, and you’re gonna love it! What’s DesignEdit? DesignEdit is an online design tool available on websites from Marketing Ideas For Printers. It offers your prospects and customers the ability to create ready-to-print online design projects starting with either a blank canvas or from one of 20,000+ pre-built templates. From changing colors to cropping images, your website visitors

If the toughest part of business is landing that new customer, the second toughest part is getting them to come back! The innovative [email protected] email newsletter helps you sell more printing by generating that much-needed repeat business, with style! This time-tested feature has been a part of our websites for more than 12 years, with more than 300 publications produced.