Promo Codes

Have you ever shopped online and entered that cryptic code into the promo code box on the shopping cart screen? If so, then you know promo codes can be a great way to entice first-time shoppers to place their first order, or to reward repeat customers for their loyalty. On the flip side, a lot of printers would much rather

We have exciting news…but only if your customers send you files electronically. (That was a joke — of course your customers send you files electronically!) We’re making some major improvements to the Send a File process on our websites, and the enhanced Send a File tool is now available on our demo websites for you to kick the tires. Every

Subscriber List Import Reinstated Previously, we announced the removal of the email-list import feature for the Printer@Work email newsletter, to ensure compliance with changes in Canadian law that required “explicit opt-in” for delivering content such as newsletters, and to promote email best-practices in general. Due to several requests to reinstate that tool, we have now added it back, with a

Security has been a big topic in the past several months. As we continue to hear stories about security issues like the Heartbleed bug and the Target breach, security has been on everybody’s minds. So we thought now would be a great time to make an important change to how your websites handle your customer’s passwords. Starting July 1st, your

Customized Shopping Cart Questions Added   Have you ever needed more information from your customers for their order, but the questions just don’t seem appropriate for an order form? With our new custom shopping cart questions, you can request that information from your customers much more naturally through the shopping cart. Want to know how your customer heard about you?

The Rule Of The Day: Explicit Opt-in The Canadians are implementing a strong anti-spam law beginning July 1, 2014. In preparation, we’ve made some adjustments to the way Printer@Work subscriptions are handled. Though it is a Canadian law, we’ve chosen to make these changes for all of our websites, because they represent best practices when it comes to building a

This week, we made a subtle but important update to your Control Center’s Workflow section. Actually, two updates: Faster loading time Users with many thousands of orders in their history were noticing extremely long load times when first going to the Workflow screen. On investigating, we found that including the completed orders in the list was a major factor. Since

What You Don’t Need To Worry About, And What You Should Look Into You’ve probably been hearing quite a bit lately about a security flaw, called Heartbleed, that was recently discovered on the internet that impacted several big sites on the web. And we’ve started to get questions from you about it. We’ll keep it simple: Your website with

…And Three Years of Excellence Are Just Beginning! Today, we released an extremely rare production alert to our Dingbat/Coffee Break newsletter subscribers upon learning that it mistakenly reports the day the Golden Gate Bridge opened as May 27, 1981. We’ve corrected the error and uploaded new files to the server. This marks the end of a two-year streak of error-free

On April 1st, we made some updates to the website’s notification system that sends email updates of website activity to you and your customers. (An example of such an email is the “Order Placed” email received when a customer places an order.) The updates were created to allow the system to function better with our growing portfolio of fully custom

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