A New DesignEdit is Almost Here!

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There’s a new DesignEdit in the works, and you’re gonna love it!

What’s DesignEdit?

DesignEdit is an online design tool available on websites from Marketing Ideas For Printers. It offers your prospects and customers the ability to create ready-to-print online design projects starting with either a blank canvas or from one of 20,000+ pre-built templates. From changing colors to cropping images, your website visitors will be able to quickly produce a design worth printing, with no involvement from you!

What’s New?

Savvy readers will already recognize the name DesignEdit. It’s been a feature available on websites from Marketing Ideas For Printers for quite a while now. But, it’s about to get a makeover. A big makeover!

Here are just some of the improvements you’ll see in the upgraded DesignEdit:

More Templates For Your Customers

The library of templates has been expanded to include over 20,000 ready-to-use templates. That’s twice as many as before! Your customers will be sure to find something that will quickly get them designing and printing with you!

More Relevant Templates

The template collection is now more in line with what a North American audience would expect to see. Searching for “football”? You’ll see a brown, oblong object with white stripes on the end, and not a perfectly round, white ball with black spots on it. The previous template collection had a definite European flavor to it. Now, “football” means football and not soccer!

No More Per-Template Fees

Our previous collection of DesignEdit templates incurred a per-template fee which was always awkward to pass on to you through the use of “DesignEdit Credits” and then on to your customers. Good news! The per-template fee is gone in the new version of DesignEdit! Now, the only time an extra charge would occur is if your customer selects an image from the library of professional stock images. Better yet, when your customer purchases that image, it’s a one-time purchase that allows that customer to use the image in any future DesignEdit project, too, for no additional charge. (Of course, your customer is free to provide their own graphics, completely avoiding the charge for stock images.)

An All-New Editor

It’s amazing how much technology can be presented in a web browser these days, and the new DesignEdit interface is a perfect example. See for yourself! Go to one of our public demo sites and imagine being a print-buying customer or prospect that uses the editor to create a brochure (or any number of other printed products).

We’ll have the all-new DesignEdit on display at Print 17, but get a sneak peek on one of our demo websites now by clicking below.