Why (and How) Your Printing Business Should Expand into Packaging Services

Birchbox is a beauty subscription service that revolutionized the way consumers discover and experience cosmetic products.

Launched in 2010, Birchbox introduced a unique concept of delivering monthly boxes with a selection of sample-sized beauty products to subscribers for a flat rate of $10. This approach eliminated the need for customers to invest in full-sized products, growing customer confidence in the products and loyalty to the company that delivered them.

After realizing its colored outer packaging gets damaged in transit to customers, Birchbox added a pristine internal box with the company name featured in foil print. Recipients loved it, and shared unboxing photos and videos widely on social media. This amplified the Birchbox “experience” of unwrapping  luxury, value, and convenience each month.

The momentum certainly paid off: Birchbox grew to 850,000 subscribers in just three and a half years.

The Undeniable Power of Packaging

As tempting as it is to think of ourselves as rational, logical individuals, the truth is that human beings make snap judgments, and quite often, this is due to packaging.

Printers know this, but print buyers may need some reminding about why investing extra resources into packaging is worthwhile. Why is this avenue of marketing so important?

  • Research suggests that at least a third of product decision-making is based on packaging, and 63% of buyers consider packaging almost as crucial as the brand itself.
  • Packaging represents a brand’s promise to deliver a quality experience.
  • Almost 40% of consumers will share photos of packaging on social media if the packaging is interesting or gift-like.
  • Packaging attracts attention, glamorizes a product, and increases the emotional attachment customers have with a brand.

How to Grow Your Own Print Packaging Sales

Packaging is one of the fastest-growing marketing tools in today’s business landscape, so it’s important for you – the printer – to showcase ways you can help customers upgrade their packaging (and their brand image!) to excite consumers and grow their reach.

Here are a few ways you can encourage your print buyers to invest in packaging:

  • Create large-scale displays or signs that highlight excellent packaging examples
  • Share real-life success stories or testimonials, and include tip sheets or “fast order” response cards
  • Design a “Top 10 Packaging Ideas” campaign and share concepts in a series of emails or social media posts
  • Send a “Did You Know?” brochure (or series of postcards) featuring the variety of packaging services your business provides
  • Share resources (like this Psychology and Profitability of Packaging” article) to educate and inspire people about the incredible influence of packaging
  • Want to get really creative? Create a custom product yourself to market your packaging services. Here are two ideas:
    • Example 1: Design a custom “swag box” to give away to some of your most consistent customers. Include branded promotional items, a sell sheet highlighting a variety of the packaging services you offer, and “packaging print bucks” (coupons) that can be used for their next packaging print order.
    • Example 2: Create a custom bubble envelope and tuck a few goodies inside as a direct mail promo. Include a packaging services brochure, a helpful tip sheet, a magnet or chip clip, or a fun custom freebie (like a set of personalized labels your clients can use to market their business).

Show and Tell

Sometimes print buyers don’t invest in packaging upgrades because they struggle to visualize the possibilities.

Make it easier for them to buy from you as you feature a buffet of beautiful ideas, including any of the following:

  • Personalized Gift Bags
  • Bold Shipping/Mailing Labels
  • Festive Bag Toppers
  • Unique Product Boxes
  • Custom “Tape” Adhesives
  • Embossed Product Labels
  • Logo Stickers
  • Dazzling Hang Tags
  • Colorful Oversized Envelopes or Bubble Mailers
  • Luxurious Interior Wrapping
  • Sharp Packaging Sleeves
  • Custom Gift Certificates or Gift Card Sleeves

Use phrases like this in your next marketing campaign:

If you want to increase the emotional attachments customers have with your business, start with pristine packaging. From a dash of color on your envelope to a gorgeous label on your containers, exterior branding can be part of any business budget.

Need some fresh ideas? Contact us today to get started!

You Lead the Way (P.S. We Can Help!)

Want to inspire print buyers to sharpen their appearance this year?

You go first.

Maybe it’s time to upgrade your own envelopes, bags, and inserts! Remember, great packaging is a representation of your identity as a printer. Inspire others with your own use of eye-catching boxes, classy product labels, unique packaging adhesives, and more.

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