It was a long year last week at Marketing Ideas For Printers. Our whole leadership team (including myself) plus one other team member tested positive for COVID. I’m thankful we did the hard work ahead of time to be able to survive such an interruption. Well-Defined Processes “Well-defined” doesn’t mean “lots of words.” It means others have a clear roadmap

What would you do if you saw a young child drowning? Consider this story: You and a friend are having a picnic by the side of a river. Suddenly you hear a shout from the direction of the water—a child is drowning. Without thinking, you both dive in, grab the child, and swim to shore. Before you can recover, you

As a printer, you wear several hats. Not only do you have to manage the day-to-day aspects of running your print business, but you’re also looked upon as a leader; one who’s expected to lead in times of crisis such as these. Additionally, you wear the hat of a marketer. Whether you embrace that role or fear it, there’s one

Fear. Uncertainty. Stress. Those are the words being volleyed back and forth to describe the feelings of everyone from high school seniors missing out on their last weeks of school to small business owners being forced to lay off employees because of mandated social distancing. How do you lead well in times like these? How do you find that elusive

Whether you need inspiration, education, growth opportunities, or escape, podcasts are an excellent way to meet that need on your own time. I love listening to business podcasts on my alone-time drive time, and there’s no shortage of great podcasts out there. Here are a few of my favorites: Social Media Marketing Podcast Why I like it: Michael Stelzner always

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The print industry has some of the hardest working and committed individuals on the planet. So much so, that I am continually inspired to be a part of it as the Marketing Director at Marketing Ideas For Printers. But as with any industry, I’ve also witnessed the flipside of that coin with printers who are stuck in their ways, who

Do you know how hard it is to sell “happy”? As the owner of “The Happy Printers,” selling “happy” is one of the hardest things I have EVER done. I have climbed mountains, lived with nomadic tribesmen, lost a parent when I was young, and I’ve been married for 32 years. But, believe me when I tell you that trying to sell

  One of my favorite times of each week is when coworkers share their weekly Highs and Lows with me. It’s a pretty simple ritual: I send out an email to all of the Marketing Ideas For Printers coworkers on Friday morning sharing one of the high points of the week, and a low point. I then ask the coworkers

At the last printing conference I attended, I heard over and over again the printing industry referred to as a mature industry. It wasn’t always said in words as clear as that, but if you listened close enough, that’s what you heard. That can be pretty scary. It sounds so dead-end, and frankly, discouraging. On the other hand, if you

How do you know if you’re a leader? Turn around and take a look. Is anyone following you? If so, then you’re a leader! Mark Twain’s quote puts it even more cleverly: He who thinks he leads, but has no followers, is only taking a walk. It’s so easy to let the term “leadership” become synonymous with owning a business

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