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If your printing firm is looking for a creative way to keep your customers happy while they wait on hold, check out our Advertising On Hold service! Each month, we’ll provide you with two all-new, professionally produced advertising and music on hold audio files that include fun facts, trivia, enjoyable music, and informative messages about the various printing products and

Loyalty Is More Important Than You Think, Marketing Ideas For Printers, Websites, White Papers

Customer loyalty is every business’ priority – in theory. But in practice, loyalty can be elusive. Our latest whitepaper, “Keeping Customer Loyalty (After the Sale)” points out some of the not-so-obvious things your customers and prospects can work on to focus their message on their current customers. Make the Most of Your Current Customer Base Statistics show that selling to current

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Practice makes perfect! If you’ve ever played piano or any other musical instrument, chances are you remember the time spent honing a select performance piece. You could play that piece almost flawlessly, but two or three sections still made you stumble. The solution? Isolating those critical measures and practicing muscle memory repeatedly until perfection. Increase Proficiency with Keyboard Shortcuts Help your

In the midst of enjoying the summer season, it is not always fun to think about jumping into the fall season, knowing how fast the time goes. Helping your customers jump ahead in their planning for fall marketing projects and facilitating their forward thinking puts you in a value position in their business. Strengthen Your Influence Offering resources like the

Hooray! It’s almost time to check out the latest issue of Printer’s Press! In the upcoming August issue, you’ll find articles on: Tips for creating and maintaining a positive attitude Nervous habits that are harmful to your health An easy, yet delicious recipe for Breakfast Biscuit Quiches And an interesting travel article about Biosphere 2, the world’s largest earth and

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Like pinching pennies? You’re not alone. Today’s consumers love a good deal, especially one catered toward their personal preferences. And the good news is that coupons work. A 2016 Association of Coupon Professionals study showed that, on average, seventy-five percent of coupon redemptions (of all types of consumer packaged goods) resulted in increased incremental sales. Shoppers are more easily swayed

When Time Doesn’t Fly, Marketing Ideas For Printers, Local Edge, Direct Mail

Time flies . . . except when it doesn’t. In our multi-tasking, WiFi world, every stalled moment seems accentuated. Inconvenient holdups cause us near physical pain. And perhaps they should! Did you know that in the course of one year, an average adult will spend four and a half days waiting? Over a lifetime this totals nearly a full year delayed

Knock, Knock! It's Time for a Coffee Break, Coffee Break, Direct Mail, Marketing Ideas For Printers

The August 2017 issue of Coffee Break will be coming your way soon! One of the best ways to maintain front-of-mind awareness with your customers is for your customers to see your name as much as possible. One of the best ways to stand out in a pile of mail and other advertisements is with light-hearted humor. Our Coffee Break

Let the Sparks Fly, Marketing Ideas For Printers, Websites, Ideas Collection

As sparks are to fire, inspiration is to great design. The word “spark” has become synonymous with life, vitality, or the heated release of anger, passion, or creativity. A creative spark is sometimes all it takes to inspire a grand slam idea. That’s why this month we’ve included a second BONUS design tip to every website from Marketing Ideas For

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We can hardly wait to release our latest issue of Printer’s Press! In This Issue… In the upcoming July 2017 issue of Printer’s Press, you’ll find articles on: Helpful ways to improve your credit score Tips to improve your social wellness An amazingly easy recipe for Cheesy BBQ Beef & Biscuit Casserole And a travel article about the hidden sandstone

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