Crafting a marketing message that will resonate with your buyers is no easy task. But, if you first determine the who, the what, and the how, you’ll be well on your way to a compelling message. This week, in part four of this series, you’ll learn how to expand on what you’ve learned about the “how” thus far with an

So far in this series of crafting your perfect marketing message, you’ve learned about the who and the what in order to craft the messages your prospects need to hear. To recap: The “who” reveals the stories you should tell by knowing your audience. The “what” helps you craft an overall voice that ties directly into the prospect’s motivation to buy. Once

In part one of “3 Steps to Crafting A Marketing Message Your Ideal Buyers Will Love,” we talked about how your messaging is the core that will drive your entire business. You learned that the first step to great a message is the “Who.” To whom is your message directed at? If you haven’t created a buyer persona, you’ll want

Messaging is everything. It drives your entire business, should be crafted synonymously with your core values, and built around a clear, compelling reason why your prospects should want to do business with you. Yet, the majority of printers have no core messaging, and no relevant message strategy (other than to sell something somebody wants). So, how do you craft content