Diving into the online print market is no walk in the park. Giants like Vistaprint and Shutterfly dominate the scene with their vast offerings and savvy marketing, setting a towering standard for smaller printing companies aiming to establish their spot in the market. Yet, there’s room for the David’s in this Goliath’s world. Smaller print businesses can carve out their

Is this you? You’ve invested in a great website. You’ve worked hard to streamline the customer buying process. You’ve even got more website visitors than ever before. But there’s just one problem. Your print buyers aren’t buying anything online, leaving you to wonder, “What’s the deal?” Abandoned shopping carts plague even the best businesses. Here are five tips to help

Promo Codes

Have you ever shopped online and entered that cryptic code into the promo code box on the shopping cart screen? If so, then you know promo codes can be a great way to entice first-time shoppers to place their first order, or to reward repeat customers for their loyalty. On the flip side, a lot of printers would much rather