If you were to ask small business owners what they want to be known for, most of them wouldn’t say what their business does. Well, at least not completely. Instead, there’s a good chance that you’d hear them say things like: “Integrity… and being the best dentist in town.” “Honesty… and the fastest free shipping company.” “Commitment… and one-to-one consulting

I was asked the other day what my most valuable asset was. A question like that definitely makes one think long and hard. What is the one thing that you would not want to be without? After some pondering (no, pondering doesn’t do a question like this justice), after some soul searching, I came to the conclusion that if I

The title of this blog post could have just as easily been, “How an NDSU Bison National Championship Football Win turned into a Salvation Army Donation,” but that title is way too long. Another way-too-long option: “How a Friendly Wager Turned into a Win-Win-Win!” Setting the Stage As the 2017 college football season reached the playoff stage, the top two teams

Volunteering Together Makes Life Better, Marketing Ideas For Printers, Others First, Core Values

So much of success as a business involves developing a close connection with your customers and community. This is especially true in smaller, local companies (like printers!). Sure, we should tell you that a well-designed piece of direct mail can do this (and it can), but nothing says “we care about you” quite like volunteering together as a company within