Volunteering Together Makes Life Better

Volunteering Together Makes Life Better, Marketing Ideas For Printers, Others First, Core Values

So much of success as a business involves developing a close connection with your customers and community. This is especially true in smaller, local companies (like printers!). Sure, we should tell you that a well-designed piece of direct mail can do this (and it can), but nothing says “we care about you” quite like volunteering together as a company within your community.

Not only does serving together increase the presence and awareness of your business within your community, but your employees can benefit from this experience, too. These types of activities double as social functions, offering a fun opportunity to get together with co-workers outside of the business environment. It allows them to get to know each other a little better and to learn to love being in the service of others.

Service in Action

Joanna Erber, our Financial Services Director, recently coordinated a chance for us to see the benefits of volunteering up close and personal when we volunteered at the Great Plains Food Bank here in Fargo, ND. She has a real passion for looking for ways to benefit others and says:

Businesses should absolutely do these types of volunteer events and give back.  It betters the community, employee morale, and customers can feel good doing business with a company that is looking out for more than just their bottom line.

One of our core values here at Marketing Ideas For Printers is that we want to embrace the perspective of “Others First.” This means we try to take advantage of any opportunity where we can look beyond ourselves and serve others, both individually and as a collective. The Great Plains Food Bank was the perfect place to put that into practice.

Volunteering Together

In the end, volunteering as a company doesn’t just help boost your employee morale or reinforce your company values. It does all of these things, sure, but it also does something even better: it helps make the community that you’re serving just a little bit better than it was yesterday.

There are so many wonderful organizations that need all the help they can get.  We wholeheartedly recommend that you pick a non-profit that you believe in and call to find out how you can lend a helping hand. It’s an experience that your company, your customers, and especially your employees won’t regret – or forget – anytime soon.

From left to right: Judy Hultin (Our President, Dave Hultin’s, wife), Joanna Erber (Our Financial Services Director),
and Liz Erber (Joanna’s daughter)

From left to right: Kim Kenyon (Our Graphic Designer who’s designing a perfectly filled box), Autumn Nies (Rachel’s daughter), and Rachel Nies (Our Content Manager)

Justin Carlson (Our Customer Care Specialist, a.k.a. “The Tapemaster”)

From left to right: J.J. Nies (Rachel’s son), and Jeremy Nies (Rachel’s husband)

From left to right: Justin Carlson, Autumn Nies, Kim Kenyon, and Christian Erber (Joanna’s son)