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You likely have a go-to place for your favorite burger, ice cream cone, or cup of coffee—it’s why you go and keep returning. Much like those establishments, your print shop can cultivate a reputation for excellence, where customers instinctively turn when they need top-notch printing services. Think about what sets your print shop apart and makes your customers say, “When I need (product), I have to go to (your shop). They do it the best!”

Consider the impact of quality print marketing on communicating your value proposition and nurturing relationships with existing and potential customers. Our press-ready marketing materials remind your customers why you are the right choice for all their printing needs.


The March download from the Download of the Month Club is a brochure encouraging print buyers who call or email their orders to order online instead. It features the benefits of using your website, like fast and efficient orders, and includes a 15% off coupon.

If you struggle with knowing you should promote your print business more but don’t have the time to put it all together, the Download of the Month Club is your self-promotion shortcut.

With new, ready-to-print files provided to you monthly, each download is thoughtfully and precisely created to meet the marketing pain points of your business and give you a well-rounded collection of marketing collateral.

For only $9.99 a month, you can grow your business with compelling writing and impossible-to-ignore design, all neatly packed and delivered to your inbox.

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Psst… Did you know you can purchase previous issues of the Download of the Month Club for only $25? 


Coffee Break

One way to become a favorite in the eyes of your customers is by making them laugh. The Coffee Break newsletter is a reliable source of entertainment your customers will anticipate each month. Here are a few of the jokes from this month’s newsletter:

  • I took the shell off my racing snail, thinking it would make him faster. But if anything, it made him more sluggish.
  • My wife and I laugh about how competitive we are. But I laugh more.

A collection of clean, repeatable jokes, intriguing cartoons, and a calendar with special-interest holidays and historical events make this the kind of mail that gets opened. Coffee Break is a unique and memorable marketing option!


Sometimes, your customers may not know the extent of your print shop’s products and services. The FastStart postcard and mailer are excellent options for simply spreading the word about the vast array of ways you can help your customers look good on paper. This month’s FastStart is focused on the benefits of high-speed copies:

When you need printing and copying services that are fast, affordable, and effortless, put your trust in us! Our high-speed copy equipment delivers high-quality images at a surprisingly low cost, saving you time and money.

Your customers can’t purchase products and services they don’t know about. Use FastStart’s straightforward marketing messages to pique interest and encourage sales.

Local Edge

Having someone you trust in your corner makes doing business much more manageable. Letting your customers know you’re the local print shop in their corner will give them peace of mind when it comes to the marketing decisions they need to make for their company. This month, the Local Edge mailer or postcard is focused on specialty finishes:

Showcase your company’s uniqueness and leave competitors in the dust with our numerous specialty services, such as debossing, embossing, die-cutting, and foil stamping. Discover the possibilities and let your creativity shine.

This simple-to-produce postcard sends a powerful message that you are the solutions provider your customers seek. Talk to us today about adding it to your marketing lineup.

National Direct Mail

This month’s National Direct Mail mailer and postcard focus on the importance of using print in marketing and daily work for any company. This marketing piece’s persuasive text and cohesive layout let your customers experience firsthand the impact that quality printed materials can have. Here’s a sample of this month’s marketing message:

Print remains a powerful and effective tool for reaching your target audience, offering cost-effective solutions that make a lasting impression without breaking the bank.

Each month, National Direct Mail provides a detailed look at why print remains such an important part of maintaining everything from a company’s image to its workflow. Consider making it a part of your print shop’s marketing plan.

Printer’s Press

How often does a full-color, four-page newsletter arrive in your inbox that has the ability to both inform and entertain you? The Printer’s Press newsletter remains a remarkably unique marketing tool in the print industry. General interest articles, specific print-marketing content, humor, a recipe, and so much more go into making this a piece of mail your customers will want to get their hands on every month.

This month’s articles include:

  • Strike Up a Conversation
  • Master the Art of the Nap
  • Make Your Pieces Your Own

With content that can’t help but be shared around the office, the Printer’s Press newsletter is a powerful way to keep your name front-of-mind with your customers.


Print Troubleshooting Tips for Adobe InDesign

The latest Ideas Collection tip, available to all website subscribers and MI4P WordPress Plugin users, offers practical tips for optimizing workflows and troubleshooting common InDesign printing challenges.

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting paralyzed by last-minute tech troubles. If you’re stuck at the final stages, try any of the following:

  • Confirm that your printer is turned on and properly connected.
  • Make sure the most recent, up-to-date printer drivers are installed.
  • Use the correct paper type and clear any paper jams before attempting a second print run.
  • Streaks or smudges? Check for damaged ink cartridges or clean printheads if needed.
  • Consult with your printer manual or a technician if you experience ghosting or double printing.

Want more? Continue reading “Print Troubleshooting Tips for Adobe InDesign.”

P.S. Promote your tip and sell even more printing with the Ideas Collection email marketing template, which is included free within the all-new Email Marketing For Printers subscription. Check it out today!

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Quality print marketing attracts new customers and nurtures existing relationships, encouraging repeat business and fostering long-term loyalty. From humorous newsletters to informative postcards, we offer a range of marketing solutions that ensure your brand stays top-of-mind.

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