If you are learning something new, you are moving forward, and it’s that forward momentum that will help you thrive. The latest content packages from Marketing Ideas For Printers are ready for you to drive new customers and get them thinking of you as a trusted provider. These little gems help you grab new sales without the drudgery of “selling.”

While marketing may seem counter-intuitive at times like these, this is not the time to press pause on your marketing efforts, but rather to press in to connecting with your audience through print. The world may feel topsy-turvy, but the time-tested (and proven!) method of communicating in print still rings true. Here are a variety of print connection resources available

Credibility is essential to a company’s success, and communicating trustworthiness often starts with print. Take the lead on this yourself, as you showcase some of the beautiful marketing options available through Marketing Ideas For Printers in this month’s download: National Direct Mail Want to set your company apart with an expert they can trust? Newsletters are a great way to

When your customers think of excellence in printing, does your name immediately come to mind? Fall is an excellent time to refresh your image, making you the creative professional your customers think of first. Here is some of the terrific content coming your way in the September issues (available now!) to help you rank top in class! [New White Paper!]

Sharp marketing can put the wind at your back! Here’s a preview of the content geared at giving your business growing momentum this month: Printer’s Press Want to keep your print products in the limelight this month? Printer’s Press lights up the night featuring outdoor evening entertaining, Kit Kat’s chunky chocolate direct mail teaser, an “American Riviera,” Big Sur spotlight,

All printers want to sell more printing, but many tend to overlook the impact that white papers have on reaching that goal. What are White Papers? A white paper is an “authoritative report or guide meant to help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision”. They provide an in-depth study on a specific topic. What’s great

Who do your customers turn to for advice about which marketing pieces will get the most bang for their buck? You want your customers and prospects to rely on you for advice and guidance instantly. Providing expertise that will lead to more print projects is the ideal outcome, and we’ve just uploaded a new white paper to the websites provided by

At some point in your life, we suspect that your mother (or someone else equally influential) taught you the value of sharing. Virtual sharing on the internet isn’t quite the same as the physical sharing our moms taught us, but it’s still important. The importance of sharing is what brings us to today’s big update: sharing the high-quality content on your website

You become even more valuable to your customers when they begin to see you as more than “just” a printer. Your knowledge doesn’t end at putting ink on paper; it continues way beyond that. For instance, you’re also an expert when it comes to helping your customers with their rebranding! How do we know? Because we just added a new

The 76.7 million workers in the millennial age group have a buying power worth $1.3 trillion. They’re the largest group in the workforce today with yesterday’s boomers passing the torch to today’s millennials. Here’s some great news about millennials: They respond favorably to paper and print marketing! How do you reach this group? When your website is powered by the