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The growth and renewal that happens each Spring reminds us that there’s so much opportunity for boosting sales and revitalizing customer relationships. Our diverse marketing content for printers offers a variety of ways for you to do just that. Why not incorporate something fresh into your marketing lineup? We’d love to partner with you to make this the best Spring season for your print shop!


The February download from the Download of the Month Club is an invitation you can brand and send to corporate clients, inviting them to an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of your print shop. Strong business relationships are built on trust and collaboration, and this invitation is an opportunity to reinforce your commitment to delivering excellent results and personalized service!

If you struggle with knowing you should promote your print business more but don’t have the time to put it all together, the Download of the Month Club is your self-promotion shortcut.

With new, ready-to-print files provided to you monthly, each download is thoughtfully and precisely created to meet the marketing pain points of your business and give you a well-rounded collection of marketing collateral.

For only $9.99 a month, you can grow your business with compelling writing and impossible-to-ignore design, all neatly packed and delivered to your inbox.

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Psst… Did you know you can purchase previous issues of the Download of the Month Club for only $25? 


Coffee Break

We all know the feeling of going to the mailbox and finding happy mail—the kind of mail you open first because you know you’ll like what you find inside. The Coffee Break newsletter aims to be that kind of mail for your customers. With jokes that are easy to retell, an informative calendar, clever cartoons, and marketing messages that encourage engagement with your print shop, this newsletter is sure to be opened quickly and shared around the office.

  • I ordered new coats for my kids. For convenience, I had them shipped directly to their school’s lost and found section.
  • How does a train hear another train coming? With its engineers.

Consider the benefits of mailing this unique marketing piece to your customers, and contact us today about making it part of your marketing plan!


Simplicity helps your message stick. FastStart gets right to the point about the benefits of print marketing and delivers the information in an easy-to-read format. Whether you choose the fold-over mailer or postcard, you’re clearly communicating your place as a trusted print partner. Here’s this month’s marketing message about the benefits of printed service menus:

Looking for an effective way to highlight the unique solutions and benefits your business brings to the table? Service menus have the power to amplify your brand and offer unparalleled experiences for your customers.

With the inclusion of an optional coupon, FastStart is an ideal way to inform your customers and encourage them to bring their business your way.

Local Edge

The ability to do business locally matters, especially when it comes to the creative process of marketing a business. Remind your customers that you are the marketing experts just around the corner and are here to help! This month, the Local Edge mailer or postcard is focused on personalized marketing:

From customized text, images, and offers to personalized URLs, our printing experts can create bridges between you and your future customers to ensure quality customized connections in your marketing portfolio.

Local Edge is a simple but powerful tool for keeping your name in front of your customers and letting them know you’re there when they need you.

National Direct Mail

Information is essential when it comes to purchasing decisions. National Direct Mail is a beautifully designed marketing piece that provides comprehensive and specific details on the benefits of printing. Here is a sample of this month’s marketing message:

In a world inundated with digital content and advertisements, it’s easy to get lost in the noise. That’s why print materials, like brochures, offer a unique opportunity to stand out and make a lasting impression on your target audience.

Provide your customers with the peace of mind that comes with having the information they need to contact you as they consider how you can partner together to create great marketing!

Printer’s Press

The impact of a monthly multi-page newsletter can be seen in the increased loyalty and sales your print shop will experience. Sending the Printer’s Press newsletter to your print buyers each month creates a regular, positive connection, builds goodwill, and keeps your name front of mind.

This month’s articles include:

  • Early Garden Plants
  • Fewer Sneezes This Spring
  • Refresh Your Business Forms

Full of interesting tidbits and intentional marketing messages, the Printer’s Press newsletter remains a popular and potent choice for connecting with your customers.


How “Category Creators” Inspire and Empower Customers

The latest Ideas Collection tip, available to all website subscribers and MI4P WordPress Plugin users, inspires your print buyers to be category creators who envision markets as they could be, introducing fresh ideas and experiences while guiding others toward new possibilities.

Instead of viewing the profit pie as having limited slices, category creators produce net-new resources—innovative assets and ideas entirely novel to the market—and boldly share a vision for a future that’s not quite visible to others.

Think Bigger with Your Next Design

As you aspire to design striking ads, websites, or print marketing pieces, ponder these questions:

  • What is the niche your business “owns?”
  • What are you on a mission to do? How are you creating brand-new, never-before-done resources or opportunities that will fundamentally change people’s experiences?
  • Do your marketing pieces reflect this?
  • How will your designs create a sense of wonder about reality as it “could be?”

Want more? Continue reading “How ‘Category Creators’ Inspire and Empower Customers.”

P.S. Promote your tip and sell even more printing with the Ideas Collection email marketing template, included free within the all-new Email Marketing For Printers subscription. Check it out today!

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