Have you ever gone on a road trip without a plan? I’m talking no destination, no starting place, no clothes for any particular climate… really, no plan at all. The kind of road trip where you get in the car and start driving, figuring out which direction to head as you go. Unless you are a true “free spirit,” I

There’s a wealth of new content headed your way this month! How will you connect with your audience? All-New Download of the Month Club If you struggle with knowing you should be promoting your print business more, but you don’t have the time to put it all together, the Download of the Month Club is your self-promotion shortcut. With new,

Remember the days of waiting for your favorite song to come on the radio? You know the ones… Lugging out your boombox, getting your mixtape ready, and anxiously awaiting the moment you could press record and capture your latest favorite jam? Some of us even went so far as to pick up the phone and talk to an actual person

While some people might dream of one day trying their hand at owning a business, others seem to simply fall into it because of their natural giftings. Jeramiah Townsend of Basin Printing is one of those born-to-be entrepreneurs. With a heart for innovation, a passion for helping others succeed, and business organization skills that could rival the famous Marie Kondo,

“Hey, you, look at me! Can’t you see how great I am? I am the best there is. You’d be a fool to work with anyone but me and my business, for we are THE BEST.” Ugh. Insert eye-roll here. Most people actively avoid those who exude an attitude like this. But, have you ever noticed that many business owners

I like talking to people to find out what makes them tick. Why? Because people are interesting. When you learn what motivates a person to get up in the morning, what brings them joy or makes them light up, you get to communicate on a whole different level than just simple conversation. This new level of communication is where connections

Growing sales requires the right combination of high-quality marketing, solid products and services, and attentive customer care. You can count on us to provide you with marketing materials that are sure to impress your customers, so you can focus on all the other things that make your company great. FastStart When you’re looking to send a simple marketing message that

Sometimes offering innovative solutions to your print buyers and selling more printing can be as easy as a simple formula. If you’re struggling to capture the attention of your audience and are looking for new ways to shine the light on your printing business, check out these two solutions that, when combined, bring you the increase you’ve been looking for.

Print owners are some of the toughest people on the planet. Get to know a few, and you’ll quickly find undaunted passion, unwavering integrity, time-tested grit, and a deep love for small business and their families. But as any entrepreneur knows, owning a business isn’t all sunshine and roses. There are times when the high highs are met with low lows,

Social media for printers

While social media might sometimes appear more on par with the “Island of Misfit Toys,” it does serve a purpose and can be a powerful tool for your print business. Yet many print owners wonder if they’re doing social marketing right, often asking questions such as, “Does social media really have any impact on whether or not someone will buy

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