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Subscriber List Import Reinstated

Previously, we announced the removal of the email-list import feature for the Printer@Work email newsletter, to ensure compliance with changes in Canadian law that required “explicit opt-in” for delivering content such as newsletters, and to promote email best-practices in general.


Due to several requests to reinstate that tool, we have now added it back, with a warning: use at your own risk — it’s becoming increasingly risky to send messages to people who have not explicitly expressed an interest in receiving them. Legal considerations aside, sending unsolicited email can do serious harm to your reputation and credibility as a business.

By contrast, sending a newsletter that provides value to customers who look forward to getting it can be one of the best tools available to you for building relationships and credibility. After all, that’s why we created the Printer@Work newsletter!

To import your email list, choose My Website from the Control Center’s main menu, and then select Subscribers from the Printer@Work sidebar menu.

Export Customer Lists From Level 2 and Level 3 Sites

We’re also happy to announce that you can now export your customer lists from your Level 2 and Level 3 websites. This was a feature that was available on the Level 1 sites, but didn’t make the initial transition to the new sites. To get your list, go to the Control Center and choose Accounts. Then, select Export Customer List from the Customers sidebar menu.