Upcoming Anti-Spam Measures Lead To Big Changes

The Rule Of The Day: Explicit Opt-in

The Canadians are implementing a strong anti-spam law beginning July 1, 2014. In preparation, we’ve made some adjustments to the way Printer@Work subscriptions are handled. Though it is a Canadian law, we’ve chosen to make these changes for all of our websites, because they represent best practices when it comes to building a subscriber list that won’t get your content flagged as spam.

EmailThe changes we’re making have two goals in mind:

  1. Ensure that every subscriber to the Printer@Work wants to subscribe to Printer@Work
  2. Staunchly protect our customers from any allegations that say otherwise

We are implementing the following changes as they are developed. Some you may already have noticed on your own site:

  • Remove uploadable subscriber lists
  • Remove pre-selection of the “I want to subscribe to Printer@Work” checkbox
  • Allow printshops to unsubscribe users, but not subscribe them
  • Remove requirement for user to confirm their email address when unsubscribing

Moving On To Plan “B”

We know these may not be popular changes, because they tend to make it more difficult for you to add subscribers to your newsletter. Meanwhile, your customers are still able to subscribe to it themselves as they always have. And — following a cue from many other major websites — we’ve now added an option in the shopping cart for users to subscribe to the Printer@Work. That way, your customers will actually have a lot more exposure to subscription opportunities than they did before.

Screen-shot-2014-06-19-at-3.14You can also draw more attention to your newsletter by activating your Printer@Work callout box. You can do that through your Control Center, at Web Pages > Home Page > Home Page Callout Boxes.