A Major Send a File Update

We have exciting news…but only if your customers send you files electronically. (That was a joke — of course your customers send you files electronically!)

We’re making some major improvements to the Send a File process on our websites, and the enhanced Send a File tool is now available on our demo websites for you to kick the tires.

Every single improvement we made was focused on the goal of making it easy for your customers to buy printing from you. Among the improvements are:

  1. Your customers can now access the Send a File tool from any page in your website, not just their account page.
  2. Files start loading immediately upon selection, while your customers continue to provide file information. This means the files get a head-start on the transfer; your customers will think they hit turbo-boost!
  3. The whole process has been streamlined, so your website visitors never have to say, “Just send the file already!”
  4. Attaching files to existing orders is now a simple point-and-click.
  5. Now your customers can “fire and forget” their files. Once they’ve selected their files and clicked “Send”, their work is done; the website will do the rest.

We’ll turn it on for all Websites For Printers customers tomorrow, November 20th! And now, the catch (you knew there would be one): you may need to hire an additional customer service rep to handle all of the additional files and orders you’re now going to get from your customers!


P.S., Please note this update applies to our level 2 and level 3 websites. (Now would be a good time to upgrade from a level 1 website if you haven’t done so already).