Two Years Of Excellence Has Come To An End

…And Three Years of Excellence Are Just Beginning!

Today, we released an extremely rare production alert to our Dingbat/Coffee Break newsletter subscribers upon learning that it mistakenly reports the day the Golden Gate Bridge opened as May 27, 1981. We’ve corrected the error and uploaded new files to the server.

450328513This marks the end of a two-year streak of error-free newsletters across all of our Ink Inc products — but we’re certain it won’t be the last two-year streak, because we have a secret weapon: our bounty system!

In our bounty system, every newsletter gets reviewed by every employee, and they get a $5 bill for every error they find! As you might expect, we catch a lot of errors this way. We even catch things that aren’t technically errors but can be improved. So we’re all the more shocked that this absolutely obvious error made it past all those motivated eyeballs! Maybe we just need to brush up on our history?

And so, thanks to our bounty system, we now enter the beginning of our next error-free streak for Ink Inc products.