Your Workflow Just Got A LOT Easier

This week, we made a subtle but important update to your Control Center’s Workflow section. Actually, two updates:

Faster loading time

Users with many thousands of orders in their history were noticing extremely long load times when first going to the Workflow screen. On investigating, we found that including the completed orders in the list was a major factor. Since the Workflow screen is largely for finding open orders that have work that needs to be done, we chose to remove completed orders from the initial load.

Of course, you can still look at completed orders when you need to. To do that, just click “Completed Items” in the top of the Workflow page’s sidebar.

Filter preference memory

We also made a rather subtle change that we hope will also boost your Workflow productivity: the system now remembers your last filter settings. By loading the Workflow screen with the same filter settings you had applied last time, you now get to “pick up where you left off.”


Note, this new update does not memorize custom searches using the Dates, Keywords or People tools, though. This is actually a convenience feature — since those searches usually represent special cases, and not your normal workflow, ignoring those prevents overwriting your typical settings.