The Cost of Progress

On April 1st, we made some updates to the website’s notification system that sends email updates of website activity to you and your customers. (An example of such an email is the “Order Placed” email received when a customer places an order.) The updates were created to allow the system to function better with our growing portfolio of fully custom websites. Unfortunately, those changes also broke the functionality for all notification recipients except for the designated Customer Rep for printshops, companies, branches and individual contacts. If you’re waiting for the obligatory “April Fool’s”, we’re sorry to say it’s no joke.

This file was in place for approximately 26 hours, beginning April 1st at about 8:30 AM CST.

The good news is that your customers were unaffected by this error, and the system also delivered all notifications to the customer reps assigned to any printshop, company, branch or individual contact. However, any additional users (other than the customer rep, that is) assigned to the notifications lists in the Control Center did not get their notifications.

The error was repaired April 2nd at approximately 10:00 AM CST. Now the notifications system works for our standard Level 2 and Level 3 sites as well as for fully custom websites. An internal review indicates that a total of 143 printshops were potentially affected, and we’re now in the process of contacting them.185812333 copy In the meantime, you might want to double-check your Workflow page to see if any orders slipped through during that time without triggering a notification. We sincerely apologize for any disruption this may have caused to your workflow.