Simplify Your Marketing Efforts with Stress-Free Monthly Print Materials!

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, keeping up with your marketing efforts can feel overwhelming. It’s one of the reasons we offer a diverse range of monthly marketing materials for print shops—to take the stress out of connecting with your customers.

No matter the time of year, knowing your customers will receive high-quality print marketing in their mailbox each month is a load off your busy mind. Take a look at all we have to offer and choose the piece or pieces that best fit your target market!


The October download from the Download of the Month Club is a yearly calendar to put your brand front and center all year long. Featuring a complete yearly calendar on one side and coupons and advertorials on the other, it’s the perfect print marketing piece to send to your clients and prospects!

If you struggle with knowing you should promote your print business more but don’t have the time to put it all together, the Download of the Month Club is your self-promotion shortcut.

With new, ready-to-print files provided to you monthly, each download is thoughtfully and precisely created to meet the marketing pain points of your business and give you a well-rounded collection of marketing collateral.

For only $9.99 a month, you can grow your business with compelling writing and impossible-to-ignore design, all neatly packed and delivered to your inbox.

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If you’re looking for an understated marketing superpower, then the FastStart mailer or postcard is the answer.

With specific marketing that calls attention to one of your print shop’s products or services each month, this simple, to-the-point monthly marketing is sure to make a positive impression on your customers and prospects. Here’s a sample of this month’s message:

Are you struggling to make your brand stand out in a sea of competition? Premium bindery and finishing services are your keys to unlocking unparalleled brilliance for your brand.

Don’t underestimate the power of a consistent marketing message being delivered each month. FastStart ensures your customers know you’re the one to turn to for their printing needs!

Coffee Break

Everyone loves to laugh, or at least groan, at a good joke. Coffee Break provides plenty of opportunities for both with its clean humor and unique cartoons. Here are a few of the jokes you’ll find in this month’s newsletter:

  • Taxi driver: “That’ll be $16.00.”
    Passenger: “Oh dear, I’m afraid I’m a little short. Could you please back up a little bit and make it $15.00?”
  • I’m always in the right place! Unfortunately, it’s always at the wrong time.

The staying power provided by the calendar of historic and current events, coupled with the call-to-action advertising, make the Coffee Break newsletter a simple but powerful addition to your marketing lineup!

Local Edge

The encouragement to shop locally is all around us during the holidays. Local Edge can be your print shop’s way to participate in the trend! Here’s an example of this month’s focus:

Don’t let your print marketing freeze over the winter! Warm up your business with the cozy advantages of partnering with a local print expert. 

There are so many print needs during the holiday season—reminding your customers you are their local printing source is a great way to build customers that will last the whole year through!

National Direct Mail

Putting information in your customers’ hands gives them purchasing power.

The National Direct Mail postcard and mailer are designed to inform and inspire your customers when it comes to the printing products and services your print shop provides. Here is a sample of this month’s content:

From UV coating to die-cutting, your options are endless. Specialty finishes give your printed pieces an irresistible look that is sure to grab your customers’ attention. Start the next year off right with a finished piece that radiates quality and professionalism. It’s the perfect time to add some fresh, new marketing items.

If your print shop is looking for a low-impact way to increase sales, National Direct Mail would be an ideal addition to your marketing lineup.

Printer’s Press

Perhaps one of the main reasons the Printer’s Press newsletter makes such a positive impression on customers is the fact that it’s a four-page newsletter!

As a marketing piece, it clearly stands out as unique because of its size—but the content and design of the newsletter are the real selling points.

This month’s articles include:

  • Holiday Festivals to Brighten the Season!
  • A Little Something Extra
  • Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season

The Printer’s Press newsletter is the perfect solution to make a sustained impression on your customers. Work with us to make it part of your marketing plan!




The latest Ideas Collection tip, available to all website subscribers and MI4P WordPress Plugin users, positions you as just the marketing expert your audience is looking for.

Three is a magic number, and it resonates with the human spirit.

Important tasks have three basic steps (Stop, Drop, and Roll). Punchy slogans come in groups of three (Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness). And every epic story has a beginning, middle, and end!

Sets of three push people to act, and – as a bonus – they provide a powerful memory aid. When you want to maximize visual impact, here are several ways to use the rule of three in your designs…

Want more? Continue reading “Draw People into Your Story with the Rule of Three”

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Connecting your business with the right consumer is becoming increasingly challenging. It’s difficult to stand out in the stream of advertisements, and consumers are finding ways to block ads and protect their data, making personalized advertisements more difficult.

Community-minded marketing is one solution to help companies connect with receptive clients. Community-minded marketing is when companies allocate resources to support social causes or add value to communities through exclusive content. Consumers often become natural cheerleaders of businesses that help them live better lives.

The latest White Paper, available via subscription through our White Paper Content website add-on or WordPress Plugin, shows if your business creates or joins a community aligned with your company’s goals, you put yourself in an advantageous position that allows for two-way communication between your business and customers

Learn more about how white papers can help you sell more printing.

Embrace Stress-Free Marketing with Monthly Print Materials

The holiday season can be a whirlwind of activity, and staying on top of your marketing efforts might seem like a daunting task.

That’s why we’re here to help take the stress out of connecting with your customers by offering a diverse range of monthly marketing materials for print shops.

No matter the time of year, our high-quality print marketing materials are designed to give you peace of mind, ensuring that your clients and prospects receive top-notch marketing materials in their mailbox each month. Whether it’s our Download of the Month Club, Direct Mail Packages, or our latest online marketing content, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s make marketing a breeze!