Nowadays, waiting on hold for as little as 30 seconds can feel like an eternity. But, while no one likes to be put on hold, there is an easy way to make the wait seem shorter and much more enjoyable for your print buyers: by using an advertising on hold system. What is an Advertising on Hold System? An Advertising

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If your printing firm is looking for a creative way to keep your customers happy while they wait on hold, check out our Advertising On Hold service! Each month, we’ll provide you with two all-new, professionally produced advertising and music on hold audio files that include fun facts, trivia, enjoyable music, and informative messages about the various printing products and

Have you ever noticed how waiting on hold with dead air can make a 30-second wait feel like forever? Sadly, most callers will hang up if they feel like they’ve been on hold too long, and many of them will never call back. Eliminate the Hangups While nobody likes to wait, “Advertising On Hold” combines professionally voiced messaging with pleasant