Loyalty Is More Important Than You Think

Loyalty Is More Important Than You Think, Marketing Ideas For Printers, Websites, White Papers

Customer loyalty is every business’ priority – in theory. But in practice, loyalty can be elusive. Our latest whitepaper, “Keeping Customer Loyalty (After the Sale)” points out some of the not-so-obvious things your customers and prospects can work on to focus their message on their current customers.

Make the Most of Your Current Customer Base

Statistics show that selling to current customers is cost effective and more profitable year after year. It should also be noted that repeat sales are not guaranteed. Help your customers and prospects discover what they can do to make the most of their current customer base.

Here’s a small excerpt:

Keeping customers engaged is an ongoing process that is worth the effort. According to Bane & Co, the average repeat customer spends sixty-seven percent more in the thirty-first to thirty-sixth month than in the first six months. The more you nurture those customers through the smaller purchases in the early days, the more profitable they become as time passes.

Mix it up. Combine print, digital, and face-to-face marketing opportunities to keep things interesting. But remember, the story you tell is just as important as how many times you tell it.

This whitepaper shows your customers different techniques they can use to keep customers engaged with some great ideas for print pieces. There are some examples of what a variety of businesses use to focus their message, get customer feedback, and keep in touch with their customers through mail pieces, flyers, brochures, and printed guides.

A Worthy Focus

A great resource for all types of businesses to think about their current clients as a worthy focus for continued marketing, this whitepaper is just waiting for you to distribute to your customers.

Read the complete white paper here on one of our public demo websites, or get started creating your own free demo website from Marketing Ideas For Printers today.