Get A Jump on Your Fall Season Marketing

In the midst of enjoying the summer season, it is not always fun to think about jumping into the fall season, knowing how fast the time goes. Helping your customers jump ahead in their planning for fall marketing projects and facilitating their forward thinking puts you in a value position in their business.

Strengthen Your Influence

Offering resources like the Business Forum each month will help to solidify your influence as a provider of timely and necessary products and advice. This month is packed with actionable articles that will expand your managerial skills. Whether educating your existing managers or helping you with what to look for when hiring a new one, your customers will appreciate the helpful advice.

For the entrepreneur, we introduce some research on the percentage of kids who grow up in the family business and go on to start their own businesses. Kids in business families gain the value of an instilled work ethic and the benefit of being exposed to business environments at an early age.

Look for the book review this month on Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World by Adam Grant that every entrepreneur must read. Helping your customers think outside of the box and take bigger risks might just lead them to say yes to the kind of projects you wish they would take a chance on.

Take Action

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