Gratitude is at the forefront of everyone’s mind as we turn the calendar to November content. Being aware of all the things we have to be thankful for, and then taking time to express our gratitude, is an important exercise. Think of ways you use your marketing to let your customers know how much you appreciate them, and how grateful

What scenes are so arresting you simply cannot look away? Peter Friederici of Orion magazine listed nine apprehending images including these: A single star shining through low clouds lit orange by the glow of streetlights. A ship interrupting the smooth expanse of any horizon . . . because a vessel on the water is a story whose arc you simply

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Creating content is one of the biggest struggles for businesses. Why? Because it’s hard to put on paper all of the things we say with ease about our business and our products. Even more difficult is planning ahead to have the right content when you need it. Creating A Plan This is why our latest white paper is about Creating

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Adding shading to a piece of art, polish to furniture, and wax to a sports car; what’s the similarity? A desire to find something simple and make it SHINE. Educate and Intrigue At Marketing Ideas For Printers, we help you sell more printing! Through our direct mail, websites, and print management systems, we help you shine as you entice customers

The November download of Business Forum is ready! A Time to Be Grateful November welcomes the season of giving, so be prepared to show your gratitude to your customers this November with eight pages of great content from the Business Forum. This issue is filled with great advice for overcoming fear and improving your business and your life. It’s an

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What does it take to beat back the ordinary and continually release fresh, gripping, beautiful design? A little creative thinking. The newest Design Tip added to the Ideas Collection of every website provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers offers powerful exercises to help your customers design imaginatively. Communicate Without Words Based on the Design Matters series, the “ideation” strategy will