Make it Shine

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Adding shading to a piece of art, polish to furniture, and wax to a sports car; what’s the similarity? A desire to find something simple and make it SHINE.

Educate and Intrigue

At Marketing Ideas For Printers, we help you sell more printing! Through our direct mail, websites, and print management systems, we help you shine as you entice customers to print locally, to order frequently, and to partner with you to produce remarkable results. While many customers know the “business basics,” often the client is looking to YOU for inspiration. Each month, our Ideas Collection tips offer helpful ideas for print, marketing, design, and technology. When customers view you as a credible, reliable resource, your business is sure to benefit!

Here’s an example from our latest print tip, added to every website offered by Marketing Ideas For Printers.

The Perfect Cover

If you’re looking for a simple step to effortlessly enhance your printed project, consider adding varnish. Print varnish adds a transparent coating that reduces smear, prevents wear, and adds durability and strength. Just like paint, there are three basic finishes: satin, gloss, and dull (matte). Weigh these considerations when choosing a varnish that’s best for you:

Dull/Matte: A matte finish it best if your design contains a lot of text because it deflects light and glare, improving readability and bringing exciting, attractive results.

Gloss: This varnish is the show-off of the bunch, giving a saturated, crisp, sharp appearance. Gloss is perfect for printed pages containing items like photographs and graphics.

Satin: The best of both worlds, satin varnish falls somewhere in between glossy and matte, offering the perfect level of shine. This option is ideal if you have several photo and text combination pieces. Regardless of which finish you choose, varnish can add a unique, extraordinary element to make all your projects shine.

Printers, are you ready to add a little “shimmer” to your status quo? Preview this tip on one of our public demo websites or visit with us about the multiple marketing options we have available today!