How to Create Arresting Designs You Can’t Look Away From

What scenes are so arresting you simply cannot look away? Peter Friederici of Orion magazine listed nine apprehending images including these:

  1. A single star shining through low clouds lit orange by the glow of streetlights.
  2. A ship interrupting the smooth expanse of any horizon . . . because a vessel on the water is a story whose arc you simply have to follow.

How to “Lure” Your Audience

Want to equip customers to apprehend viewers with their own arresting images? Sleek, compelling designs can make it difficult to look away! This month’s design tip, added to every website provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers, offers a few tricks for luring in viewers:

“Good design understands that your eyes are sending information to your brain at an astounding rate. But because your brain cannot possibly capture every detail, sometimes it sees the edges of a particular image and fills in the missing pieces of the puzzle based on your previous life experience. By capitalizing on this thought, you can use clever design ideas that will gently encourage viewers to follow your lead.”

Here are a few keys from the article to educate your clients:

Fancy Brain Tricks

  • Use optical illusions, colors, and shapes to influence perception, like “calming” blues, or “angry” reds.
  • Persuade the brain with intricacies of your design. Highlighting key elements can draw attention to one message over another.
  • Lead prospects toward a call to action by focusing the eyes of a printed figure on the area you want your reader to look. Humans are driven to connect, which includes subconsciously looking in the direction others are looking.

The way we present designs can persuade people to see things just as we intend. Empower your customers with these tricks as they lead their own prospects today!

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