Reignite Creativity with Ideation Thinking

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What does it take to beat back the ordinary and continually release fresh, gripping, beautiful design? A little creative thinking.

The newest Design Tip added to the Ideas Collection of every website provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers offers powerful exercises to help your customers design imaginatively.

Communicate Without Words

Based on the Design Matters series, the “ideation” strategy will help your customers and designers create work that is not only aesthetically appealing, but strategy-driven and smart. Ideation techniques enable the use of the very best images to clearly communicate ideas without words.

When your customers view this month’s article on your website, it will walk them through image gathering, group brainstorming options, visual matrix exercises, and even “productive doodling” to help them capture the essence of their message in simple, nonverbal ways. Metaphorical thinking challenges consideration of questions like:

  • What attributes are we trying to communicate through this piece?
  • How do we want people to feel when they look at the graphics/design?
  • Why do certain images evoke that (particular) emotional response?
  • How can these images be woven into a project?

See how your customers can push themselves with these new ideation strategies by viewing this tip on one of our public demo websites. With great ideas like this, you’ll be the expert your customers are looking for when their next great idea is ready to print. Experience it for yourself by requesting your own personal demo website below.