A Print MIS Webinar Worth $2,000

“Odyssey” is a new breed of Print Management Information Systems (Print MIS) that eliminates double entry and expands the scope of Print MIS to include marketing.

Odyssey Eliminates Double Entry

Gone are the days when your customers place an order online, and you have to copy the information they provided and paste it into your Print MIS. With Odyssey, your website is your MIS, and that means no more double entry.

Odyssey Includes Marketing

What if your Print MIS not only managed your interactions with your customers during the production of their print jobs, but it also helped you communicate with your customers and prospects before and after the time they were buying printing? Because Odyssey is a Print MIS with marketing automation, Odyssey has you covered at all stages … before, during, and after!

Learn About Odyssey

Odyssey will launch in January 2017. If you take the time to learn about Odyssey now, you’ll save $2,000 off Odyssey’s startup charge. How do you learn about Odyssey? By signing up for one of our no-obligation webinars! The webinars are scheduled every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, pick the one (or more!) that works for you. The complete schedule can be found at the bottom of mi4p.com/mis.