3 Reasons Your Printing Company Needs an Email Newsletter

Did you know that your customers and prospects assume you’re an expert in marketing as a whole – print, digital, online, offline, and everything in between? That means,

Your marketing expertise can’t stop at direct mail.

When you embrace the benefits of email marketing, you’ll not only be helping your business personally, but you’ll be showing off your other marketing-ninja tactics as well.

Here’s proof. Here are three ways email newsletters help you win at selling more printing.

1. Email Newsletters Build Connections

What is the most important thing you can do for your customers, especially in recent times?

Connect with them.

When you deliver a newsletter consistently, it helps your brand come to mind when the times comes that your customers and prospects do need a product. Although the medium is different than print, the idea is the same: to be regularly connecting with your audience.

Connection is meaningful because it means they know you.
If they know you, they can like you.
If they can like you, they can trust you.
And if they trust you, they will buy from you.

Think of it like this: how many times have you gone to purchase something and found a cheaper, off-brand version? If you didn’t have a connection with that brand, you probably found yourself saying something like, “Hmm… they’re cheaper, but I don’t know that brand. I’ve never even heard of them. Can I trust them? Better not risk it. I’ll go with what I know.”

The more you make that connection through the multiple touchpoints of your content, the more you’ll be that “go with what I know” brand they choose in the future.

2. Email Newsletters are Cost-Effective

A Direct Marketing Association study notes that the return on investment for email marketing is a whopping 4,300%.

That’s a lot of bang for your buck!

Now, if you’re a print purist, you might be starting to squirm in your seat a little thinking, “Where are you going with this? I’m a printer. I print. What is this digital mail thing you speak of?” But, hold up a minute and think this through a little further.

Email is an extremely inexpensive way to reach your audience, which is why it’s an excellent tool to have in your marketing toolkit. But, just like a screwdriver doesn’t work the best for pounding in nails, email marketing has its limitations as well. That’s why you have to use multiple tools to get the best results through various mediums (email, print, social media, website content) to connect with and reach your audience.

3. Email Newsletters Build Credibility

One of the first things you’re taught at a young age is where to go for help.

From learning how to call 911 in an emergency to reaching out to a teacher if you’re not understanding something, knowing where to go for help is one of the most vital things you needed to learn as a child. However, as kids are learning, it’s highly possible (maybe even probable) that they might call 911 to order McDonald’s or take up a teacher’s time with “Why is the sky blue?” questions. Eventually, though, they’ll learn when, where, and who to go to for help for the situation at hand.

In the same way, when you inform your print buyers with tips and updates and inspire them with new ideas by using an email newsletter, they learn that they can come to you as a trusted, reliable source of information.

You become the 911 they should call when they need help with their creative projects because of the credibility you’ve established with them.

Drive Sales With Email Newsletters

Just like you can’t throw a party and hope people come to you, in the same way, you can’t merely put up a website and expect people to go to it.

People go where they’re invited. So, if you want to invite them to your online home (a.k.a your website), use the tools available to you to ask them to come on over and take a look around.

Email marketing is a powerful tool available to you. It warms up your leads, opens conversations, and drives sales.

If you need more sales, it’s time to invest in the solutions that will help get you there.